Create a Power of Attorney Letter in Three Easy Steps

Create a Power of Attorney Create a Power of Attorney Letter in Three Easy Steps

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Power of Attorney Letter Swiftly

Different situations in life can cause a person to delegate someone to take care of their personal and financial affairs. When that happens, writing a power of attorney document is a necessity. What should you do if you don’t have experience in these matters or money for legal assistance?

In this article, you can find all the information you need for drafting the most suitable power of attorney letter!

What Is a POA?

A POA stands for a power of attorney—a legal document used to transfer power over certain decisions from one person to another.

A power of attorney is created between two parties—the principal and attorney-in-fact. The principal chooses an attorney-in-fact—also called an agent—or more of them and gives them the authority to make certain decisions in their name.

Contrary to the common opinion, people don’t use powers of attorney only when they’re mentally or physically incapable of making the decisions on their own. You can use a power of attorney if you travel a lot or work overseas and need someone to take care of your assets and personal affairs.

All You Need To Know Before Making a Power of Attorney Letter

Powers of attorney are one of the most powerful legal documents. Giving powers over important decisions away is not something you should brush aside. Before writing a power of attorney, you should consider the following:

  • Power of attorney laws and forms can vary from one U.S. state to another
  • There are different power of attorney types, and the main ones include:
  • It is smart to have separate medical and financial powers of attorney
  • Not all powers can be delegated—you cannot authorize the attorney-in-fact to:
    • Vote on your behalf
    • Make, change, or revoke your will
  • POA ceases at death
  • Powers of attorney are revocable and amendable, provided you are capable of making legal decisions on your own
  • Some states allow oral powers of attorney, but it is best to have them in written form
  • Most states follow the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, which outlines the powers that the principal can give to the agent

What To Include in a Letter of Power of Attorney

Take a look at the following table to see what your power of attorney document should cover:

What To Include in a POADetails
Information about the partiesYou should identify the principal and agent and include the parties’:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Mutual relationship
Powers you are delegatingConsult with your state’s laws and requirements and select the powers you’re granting. They can depend on your needs and the type of POA you opt for
Additional informationThis section usually includes the following information:

  • Third-party reliance
  • Effective date and termination
  • Interpretation and governing law

How To Write a Power of Attorney

You can create a power of attorney in multiple ways:

  1. Hire a lawyer to draw up a POA for you—Having a lawyer create a power of attorney for you is one of the most reliable options, but it is also the most expensive one
  2. Write a POA letter on your own—If you have knowledge and experience in legal matters, you can try writing a POA on your own. Bear in mind that your POA needs to meet your state’s rules and regulations to be valid
  3. Use a template—You can choose among a myriad of power of attorney templates online. The problem with these templates is that they are often too general, and you don’t want to do a poor job with something as important as your POA
  4. Sign up for DoNotPay—With DoNotPay’s help, you can get a personalized power of attorney aligned with your needs and state regulations. You don’t have to pay the earth for it, struggle to put it together, or waste your precious time

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While there are many options for creating a power of attorney, none of them provides what DoNotPay does. Our Power of Attorney product is fast, budget-friendly, easy to use, and—most importantly—super reliable!

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What To Do After Creating a Power of Attorney Letter

The following table shows the steps you should take once you and your attorney-in-fact sign the POA:

Get it notarizedWhile some states don’t require it at all, you have to sign a POA in front of a notary and two credible witnesses in others. Even if it’s not required, getting your power of attorney notarized is highly recommended
Register the documentWhether you should register your power of attorney depends on its type. You should check your state’s requirements to confirm if your POA needs to be registered
File the documentMost powers of attorney are filed with a court or government office, but that can vary depending on your state’s laws and your POA type

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