Learn About a Power of Attorney for a Minor Child in Florida

Create a Power of Attorney Learn About a Power of Attorney for a Minor Child in Florida

All About a Power of Attorney for a Minor Child in Florida

Giving someone the rights to take care of your minor child is far from easy, but it’s sometimes necessary. Having a power of attorney (POA) in this situation can ease your mind. With this document, you can control all aspects of the agreement between you and the other adult with whom you’re entrusting your child.

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What Is a Power of Attorney for a Child?

A power of attorney for a minor child enables the parents or legal guardians to give other adults temporary rights over their children. With a power of attorney document for a child, a non-parent gains legal rights to take care of and make decisions for the minor child they were entrusted with.

If you are aware you won’t be able to take care of your child for a longer period, you should consider making the child’s caregiver your power of attorney agent. As an attorney-in-fact, they will be able to make important decisions about the child’s education, medical care, and other needs instead of only watching over them.

When To Get a Power of Attorney for a Child in Florida

People usually write a power of attorney letter for a minor child when they:

  • Have to go on work assignments far from home
  • Take long vacations
  • Are incarcerated or about to be incarcerated
  • Have to stay in a hospital for treatment or procedure
  • Are in the military and are about to be deployed for a longer period

There’s no need for a power of attorney when leaving a child in someone’s care for a shorter period. A consent form for medical treatment should suffice.

Power of Attorney vs. Child Guardianship in Florida

Having legal rights to make decisions for a child is not the same as having legal child guardianship. In the following table, you can see the main differences between a Florida child power of attorney and guardianship:

Minor Child Power of AttorneyChild Guardianship
  • The parent keeps the legal parental rights
  • The parent can revoke the power of attorney at any time
  • The legal guardian obtains permanent parental authority
  • The parent has no more legal rights to make decisions for the child
  • The parent cannot affect the guardianship
  • Only a court in Florida can change legal guardianship

Power of Attorney for a Minor Child in Florida—Legal Requirements

To be valid, a Florida power of attorney for a minor child needs to meet certain legal requirements, including the following:

  • The POA agent must have a permanent residence in Florida
  • Both parents or legal guardians have to sign the document in case of a shared custody
  • Two witnesses need to be present during the signing of the POA document
  • The POA has to be notarized by a Florida notary public

What Should a Power of Attorney for a Child in Florida Include?

A POA for a child in Florida should cover the following sections:

  1. Information about the signing parties
    1. Names
    2. Addresses
  2. Contact details of the parents or legal guardians
    1. Phone numbers
    2. Physical and email addresses
  3. Information about the child
    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
  4. Duration of the POA
    1. Effective date
    2. Termination date and terms
  5. Delegated powers
    1. What the POA allows
    2. What the POA doesn’t allow
  6. Signatures of all parties
    1. Both parents or legal guardians
    2. Agent(s)
    3. Two witnesses
    4. Notary

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