Power of Attorney in Arkansas—Debunked

Create a Power of Attorney Power of Attorney in Arkansas—Debunked

Learn All About the Power of Attorney in Arkansas and Draft It in Minutes!

Drafting a power of attorney in Arkansas doesn’t have to be a burden! We’ll help you understand how it works and what powers you can transfer using different POA documents.

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Understanding How the Arkansas Durable Power of Attorney Works

The durable power of attorney in Arkansas is a legal document that allows you to transfer powers and appoint a trusted agent to make decisions in your stead.

According to Arkansas law, the durable power of attorney stays in effect if you become incapacitated unless otherwise implied in the agreement. That means that you can choose whether you want your durable POA to be terminated in the event of your incapacitation or not.

What Powers Can I Transfer With the Durable Power of Attorney in Arkansas?

Wondering what powers you can transfer with the durable power of attorney document? Check out the list below for all the details. By signing this agreement, you allow the agent to:

  1. Perform any act or deed on your behalf in the same way you would if you were present
  2. Open and close your bank accounts and deal with them in any way they see fit
  3. Buy, sell, lease, and manage your property
  4. File your income, property, gift, and other tax returns
  5. Handle your life, accident, disability, and other insurance policies
  6. Have access to your safety deposit box
  7. Be a representative payee for any payment you are entitled to
  8. Request and review information about your personal affairs or physical and mental health, including your medical and hospital records

You can add additional clauses and transfer more powers to your agent when creating your power of attorney agreement.

How To Get a Power of Attorney in Arkansas

You can write a power of attorney by yourself, but you have to do it and sign it while you’re still mentally competent. Although the agreement is used once you are incapacitated, both you and the agent have to be of sound mind during the signing.

The POA agreement must include the following sections:

TitleTo avoid any confusion, you have to give the POA a specific title, such as Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Purposes
DatesSpecify the relevant dates, including:

  • The effective date of the agreement
  • The date when the POA is signed
Names and detailsInclude the full names of both you and the agent and follow it up with:

  • Your addresses
  • Contact info
Specific powersGive a broad description of the powers you’re transferring to the agent

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Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, DoNotPay will create your POA agreement in a snap! Note that both you and the agent should read the notices and provide your signatures afterward.

Do I Have To Get the Durable Power of Attorney in Arkansas Notarized?

By Arkansas law, the durable power of attorney doesn’t have to be notarized, but the court will accept the signature as genuine only if the document was signed before a notary. Since that's the case, getting your POA notarized would be the best course of action.

Visiting a notary public in person is not your only option! You can save time and effort by using DoNotPay to get your POA agreement notarized hassle-free.

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