Create a Power of Attorney in Alabama Stress-Free

Create a Power of Attorney Create a Power of Attorney in Alabama Stress-Free

Power of Attorney in Alabama From A to Z

If you need to create a power of attorney in Alabama, the easiest way to get this document is by using DoNotPay. Our app will include all the necessary information in the POA and generate it in a few minutes!

What You Should Know About a Power of Attorney Document

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows one individual to act on behalf of another. The person who receives the decision-making authority is called the agent or attorney-in-fact, while the one assigning the power is known as the principal.

Who Can Be a POA Agent in Alabama?

The only requirement when choosing an agent in Alabama is that the person is an adult. A friend, spouse, or adult child can act as an attorney-in-fact. Choosing an individual who’s reliable and trustworthy is a vital part of the POA document creation.

In Alabama, you can appoint two or more people to act as agents. The principal can choose to:

  • Have their agents work jointly—Both attorneys-in-fact will have equal powers at the same time
  • Have a primary agent and an alternate agent—The latter will step in only when the primary agent decides to leave the role or becomes incapacitated

Which Powers Can Be Transferred to an Agent in Alabama?

The agent will have as much authority as the principal decides to give them. Usually, an attorney-in-fact is in charge of:

  • Managing real estate
  • Operating the principal’s business
  • Taking care of retirement plan transactions
  • Caring for the principal or their family members
  • Dealing with their banking transactions
  • Handling tax and retirement matters
  • Operating stock and bond transactions
  • Conducting litigation and making legal claims

Depending on the kind of your POA document, your attorney-in-fact will act differently and have specific duties that are in accordance with the power of attorney type.

Power of Attorney Types You Can Create in Alabama

You can choose among a few power of attorney types in Alabama. Take a look at the table below for more information:

Power of Attorney TypeDifferences
Durable POAIs effective immediately after the document is signed
Springing POAComes into effect only after the principal becomes incapacitated
General POADoes not allow the agent to act on the principal’s behalf after they become disabled
Financial POALets the agent handle the principal’s financial matters
Limited POALimits the powers attorney-in-fact has or has a specified period during which it takes effect

When Can a Power of Attorney End in Alabama?

Your POA document can get terminated for several reasons, some of which being if::

  • The principal revokes the POA
  • The principal dies
  • The purpose of the power of attorney is accomplished
  • The principal divorces their spouse, who is the agent
  • The agent dies, resigns, or becomes incapacitated

If you wish to get a perfectly executed POA that meets all your requirements, you should turn to DoNotPay for help!

Use DoNotPay To Draw Up a Durable Power of Attorney in Alabama

If you lack the legal knowledge to make a power of attorney on your own, you should avoid going through the task without help. You don’t need to hire a lawyer and spend a hefty amount of money—turn to DoNotPay instead! Our app can provide you with a POA in Alabama fast.

You only have to complete these simple steps to get a personalized power of attorney:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in a web browser you normally use
  2. Find the Power of Attorney product
  3. Choose the powers you want to be a part of your POA

DoNotPay will generate a power of attorney letter tailored to your needs and two notices that you should read before you sign the document.

Does a Power of Attorney Have To Be Notarized in Alabama?

Once you create a power of attorney in Alabama, you need to get the document notarized. DoNotPay can help you with this otherwise tedious task! Our app will find an online notary to notarize your POA fast and stress-free. The entire process is straightforward, and it will save you a trip to the notary’s office.

What Else You Should Know About Powers of Attorney

DoNotPay is the ultimate source of the POA knowledge you need. Check out some of the most popular questions regarding POA documents:

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  3. Does a power of attorney expire?
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  5. How can you revoke a power of attorney?
  6. What determines power of attorney over a parent?
  7. What is the penalty for the abuse of power of attorney?
  8. How much do a will and POA cost on average?
  9. How can you get a power of attorney for someone in jail?
  10. Are you responsible for your parents’ debt if you have power of attorney?

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