How To Postpone Jury Duty in Alameda County

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Postpone Jury Duty—Alameda County Edition

Did a court in Alameda County select you to be a juror? If the timing is inconvenient, you may be wondering—how do I postpone jury duty in Alameda County? Read this easy-to-follow guide, and we’ll show you everything you need to know about postponing this important civic responsibility.

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What You Need To Know About Jury Duty Postponement

Jury duty is mandatory for all U.S. citizens, so you can’t skip it or postpone it without a just cause. Ignoring a summons in Alameda County can lead to serious consequences, including a fine of up to:

  • $250 for the first offense
  • $750 for the second offense
  • $1500 for any subsequent offense

If you ignore repeated calls for jury duty, you can face even harsher punishment, such as being:

  • Held in contempt of court
  • Imprisoned
  • Discharged from service under court-specific conditions

What Are the Grounds for Postponing Jury Service?

Since jury duty is an essential legal obligation, you have to meet strict criteria to be eligible for deferral or postponement of jury service in Alameda county:

Criteria for PostponementExplanation
OccupationPolice officers, federal court judges, firefighters, soldiers on active duty, and doctors may request postponement because of the nature of their occupation
Medical conditionMentally or physically disabled citizens are excused due to health issues
Childcare and breastfeedingBreastfeeding mothers and parents with no access to daycare services can defer jury duty indefinitely
Financial situationA court can also postpone your service if doing jury duty would put you in a difficult financial situation

How Do You Request a Postponement of Jury Duty in Alameda County?

To request a postponement of jury duty in Alameda County, follow these guidelines:

  1. Contact the court that has issued you the summons via phone, email, or by visiting the Alameda County eJuror website
  2. Provide the Participant Number written in your summons
  3. State your reasons for requesting a postponement and suggest a date that would fit your schedule
  4. Send the court proof of your reasons (if they require any)
  5. Check if your postponement request was accepted

Keep in mind that you cannot postpone jury duty more than twice a year.

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Will You Get Paid if Jury Duty Is Postponed By the Court?

What happens if jury duty is postponed by the court? In such cases, know that you will get compensation as if you served. How much you’ll receive depends on the state. In Alameda County, the reimbursement rate is:

  1. $15 per day of court attendance
  2. $0.34 per mile

Federal jury duty pay is the same across all states:

  1. $50 per day of attending court
  2. $0.56 per mile

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