Do You Need a Portugal Tourist Visa as a U.S. Citizen?

Tourist Visa Guide Do You Need a Portugal Tourist Visa as a U.S. Citizen?

All You Wanted To Know About the Portugal Tourist Visa for Americans

Whether you are visiting Portugal to hear authentic fado sounds, taste fine port wine, or see its world-famous beaches, you should ensure your trip goes without a hitch.

Pre-travel bureaucracy can make you anxious, especially if you are having trouble filing your Portugal tourist visa application. To help you avoid any complications, we created an all-in-one guide revealing everything you should know about the process of entering this country. You will find out:

  • If you need a tourist visa for traveling to Portugal
  • What the entry requirements are
  • What travel restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in Portugal
  • How to contact the Portuguese embassy
  • What using DoNotPay for a simpler visa application looks like

Is Getting a Portugal Tourist Visa Necessary for U.S. Citizens?

U.S. citizens are not required to apply for a tourist visa when visiting Portugal as long as they are staying for less than 90 days within six months. The only document they need to have is a valid U.S. passport. If you don’t bring it with you or lose it on your way to the country, you won’t be able to pass the control and will be returned to the last airport you departed from.

What Do You Need To Enter Portugal as a U.S. Citizen?

You must comply with the requirements provided by the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Portugal. Here’s a table with a simple criteria checklist you should consider:

Minimal passport validity after the tripThree months
Required number of blank passport pagesTwo pages
Required vaccinations (not related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic)None
Entry currency restrictions≤$10,000
Exit currency restrictions≤$10,000
Additional proceduresRegistration with the Portuguese Immigration Service (SEF) by submitting a Declaration of Entry Form—if you are not staying at a hotel or similar place
Additional documentsAuthorization letter or a child travel consent form—if you are traveling with a minor

What Kind of COVID-19 Restrictions Does Portugal Impose?

Due to events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, non-essential tourism trips to Portugal from the U.S. are currently possible only with a negative COVID-19 test. All travelers that are two or more years old must provide this type of proof when entering Portugal.

A nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) must be taken within three days before setting off on the trip. If you opt for a rapid antigen test (TRAg), it can’t be older than 24 hours.

Another option is to provide a statement from a licensed medical care practitioner. It should state that you recovered from COVID-19 within three months before entering the country. This document must be submitted along with an appropriate attestation.

Note that the measures are updated regularly, which means that the rules can change. The best way to remain informed is to follow the latest updates on the official website of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Portugal.

How To Get in Touch With the Embassy or Consulate in Charge

Do you have questions regarding any aspects of traveling to Portugal as a U.S. citizen? If yes, you can express all your concerns to the two main institutions in charge:

  • U.S. Embassy Lisbon
  • U.S. Consulate Ponta Delgada

Here are the contact methods and details for both options:

InstitutionU.S. Embassy LisbonU.S. Consulate Ponta Delgada
Phone+(351) (21) 770-2122+(351) (296) 308-330
Fax+(351) (21) 727-2354+(351) (296) 287-216
AddressU.S. Embassy Lisbon

Av. das Forças Armadas, Sete-Rios

1600-081 Lisbon


U.S. Consulate Ponta Delgada

Av. Príncipe do Mónaco No, 6-2 F

9500-237 Ponta Delgada, Açores


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