DoNotPay Breaks Down the Pittsburgh Paid Sick Leave Law

Pittsburgh Paid Sick Leave 101

Don’t know whether you can get paid sick leave? The laws are different in every state, city, and county. Understanding how Pittsburgh paid sick leave legislation works will help you avoid having to work when sick.

Our article will break down the necessary details, tell you all you need to know about the law and calling in sick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and show you how to ask for time off effortlessly with DoNotPay’s Request Sick Leave tool!

Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Act

Effective since March 15, 2020, the Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Act guarantees the opportunity of taking time off for the following individuals:

  • Full-time and part-time employees who work in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Members of a construction union covered by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)
  • Seasonal employees who are notified in writing that they won’t work more than 16 weeks during the year when they signed the contract

Employees eligible for paid sick leave in Pittsburgh accrue one hour of sick time off for every 35 hours they work. Accumulated time can be used after the 90th day of their employment, and any unused sick days must be carried over to the following year.

You can use paid time off to take care of your or your family member’s illness, injury, or health condition.

What Are Pittsburgh’s Geographic Boundaries Covered by the Paid Sick Leave Act?

The following ZIP codes belong to the Pittsburgh’s geographic boundaries:


Request Paid Sick Leave in Pittsburgh

If your company doesn’t have a formal system that allows you to notify your employer of your paid sick leave, you can either inform them over the phone or write an email. You will need to:

  1. Provide a reason for your absence
  2. Tell the employer how many days you will be absent
  3. Submit any necessary documentation (e.g., a doctor’s note, prescription, and similar)

Would you rather avoid talking to your boss about your sick leave? Does writing an email seem like a tedious task? and let our AI-powered app do all the work for you!

Draw Up a Leave Request Letter in a Snap With DoNotPay

No one should have to be sick at work but informing your boss that you won’t be showing up can be awkward, especially if you are doing it over the phone. That’s why you should ! We will generate a sick leave request for you, in which we’ll include all the necessary details your boss needs. Want to use our app? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select our Request Sick Leave tool
  2. Give us details about your employer
  3. Specify how many days you’ll be absent from work
  4. Explain why you need sick leave

We will generate a leave request letter for you and either send it to you or forward it to your employer, depending on your choice. If your employer threatens to fire you or lower your wage for taking time off, DoNotPay can help you take them to court.

Does Pittsburgh Have a Law for Emergency Paid Sick Leave?

Supplementing Pittsburgh’s Paid Sick Days Act, the COVID-19 Emergency Sick Leave Act allows employees to take time off if they:

  • Need to get vaccinated or take their family to get vaccinated
  • Are unable to work or telework due to the COVID-19 virus or any of its variants
  • Need to self-isolate and take care of themselves or a family member

Under the COVID-19 Emergency Sick Leave Act, employers are required to provide up to 80 hours of paid sick leave to their employees.

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