Draw Up a Photography Contract the Easy Way

Standardized Legal Documents Draw Up a Photography Contract the Easy Way

How To Create a Photography Contract Fast and Easy 

Creating any legal document is not an easy task. If you need to make a photography contract, you must pay attention to various factors, including each party’s specific requirements.

While it is essential to create a photography contract that meets all legal and individual standards, there are ways of doing it by yourself. 

DoNotPay will explain what constitutes a photography contract and show you how to create one with a few clicks of a mouse!

What Are Photography Contracts, and Why Are They Important?

Every type of photographer, including sports, fashion, or a wedding photographer, needs to establish job conditions with their customer. A photography contract is a written agreement between the photographer and a client. It covers important items, such as:

  1. Liability
  2. Services
  3. Payment terms
  4. Dispute resolution
  5. Cancelation policy
  6. Intellectual property rights

As a photographer, you will be under a contract with the person who is paying and the person you are photographing.

Photography contracts are important for several reasons. By stipulating all parties’ conditions, you will have a clear image of relevant expectations and obligations. A quality contract serves to anticipate and prevent any future disagreements between the involved parties. By signing a photography contract, you establish a relationship with your client based on trust and mutual respect.

What Should a General Photography Contract Include?

While every photography contract is different depending on individual needs, there are elements every photography agreement should include. 

After you add the required details and sections to your photography contract, you and your client must provide your signatures to make the contract legally valid.

If you intend to use a second photographer, you should consider creating a separate contract to outline their responsibilities and payment details. 

Elements of a Sample Photographer’s Contract 

Here is the overview of the most important sections your photography contract should have:

Photography Contract ItemDescription

Contact information

Your photography contract should include your and your client’s:

  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Payment details

Payment terms should cover:

  • Total price of your services
  • Payment schedule
  • Extra editing prices
  • Deposit your client has to pay
  • Necessary retainers
  • Additional expenses (travel costs, special permits)
  • Clear description of the consequences for late invoices

Time and date of services

You need to provide start and end dates for your services, especially if you are handling multiple clients at the same time


Photographer and client both need to include each other’s expectations in the agreement 

Intellectual property

You should address image copyright matters when creating a photography contract, including:

  • Whether you want to transfer the complete usage right to your client
  • If you will allow them to edit images further after they obtain them
  • Whether you will permit clients to use the images however they want

Cancellation conditions

Cancellations may occur on both sides. You should outline:

  • Each party’s responsibilities, including prior notice
  • Circumstances under which one of the parties has to pay a portion of the cost or get a refund 

Liability limitation

This clause can protect you from paying a full client’s deposit back in case something unexpected happens

Dispute resolution

You should indicate how any potential disputes will be handled, for example, via a mediator

Can I Use a Photography Contract Template?

There are various ways to create a photography contract, including:

  • Hiring a lawyer
  • Writing a contract by yourself
  • Using a photography contract template

Photography contract templates are available online and easily accessible. The downside of most photography contract templates is that they are fairly general. While they contain all crucial contract elements, you will have a hard time finding one that fits your and your client’s specific needs. 

Before you use a photography contract template, make sure to add your and your client’s requirements and have a lawyer review it for possible mistakes.

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