The Scoop on Philadelphia Property Tax Assessment

Reducing Property Taxes The Scoop on Philadelphia Property Tax Assessment

All the Info You Need on Philadelphia Property Tax Assessment

In the USA, there are only two certainties—dying and paying taxes. When it comes to paying property taxes, you might end up paying a small fortune each year. The average property tax rate in Philly is 0.99%, so you might want some help with paying property taxes. Property tax appeals and exemptions are a good place to start.

DoNotPay will provide all the necessary information for when the time for your Philadelphia property tax assessment comes. You can use our platform to learn how to lower property taxes and how to appeal incorrect assessments.

How Is Philadelphia Property Tax Assessment Done?

The Philadelphia tax assessor’s office uses the following while calculating your taxes:

  • Market value
  • Property’s assessed value
  • Current assessment rate
  • Tax exemptions or abatements for your property

When they’re calculating your property tax amount, your local tax assessor’s office will multiply the taxable value with the tax rate.

You can check out the table below and see what a simplified process looks like:

Tax DescriptionAssessed ValueTax RateResult
Property Tax$124,8000.99%$1,123

How To Access the Philadelphia Property Tax Assessment Map

You can access the Philadelphia property tax assessment map on the Office of Property Assessment website. This map will help you get more information about neighboring properties. You can compare the assessed values of properties nearby and see if the assessors were fair in your case.

Follow these steps to access the relevant information:

  1. Select a location on the map or type in the address of your property
  2. Click on the address for more details, like market value by year, taxable land, taxable improvement, etc.

You can also print out the information by clicking on the print button in the top right corner of the information sheet.

How To Lower Property Taxes in Philadelphia

You can lower your property taxes in Philly with the help of exemptions and tax reduction programs. There are also property tax reduction services that will help you, but they’ll ask for considerable sums of money. It's not uncommon that many of those services turn out to be scams.

You also have the option of using DoNotPay, our revolutionary platform that can help you reduce your property taxes or appeal past property tax assessments.

What Types of Tax Exemptions Exist in Philadelphia?

There are four tax exemptions in Philadelphia:

  1. Homestead Exemption—It is a program for every Philadelphia homeowner which reduces the portion of their property's assessed value by $45,000 for 2020 property estate tax bills
  2. Property Tax Abatements—The program includes residential and commercial projects. Abatements make new projects more affordable. This is meant to encourage new construction or rehabilitation of properties
  3. Non-Profit Tax Exemptions—Non-profit exemptions program reduces taxable portion of the property for the eligible non-profit organizations
  4. Catastrophic Loss Adjustment—Should the homeowner’s property be damaged by fire or another natural disaster, the tax is reduced. You are eligible for this program if your property value decreased by 50% or more
  5. Disabled Veterans Tax Exemption—The 100% disabled, honorably discharged veterans can qualify for this property tax exemption if they are residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have financial difficulties

DoNotPay Can Help You Reduce Your Property Tax in Philly

Whether you need to reduce your taxes in Philadelphia, another city, or even a state—no matter if it’s a state with low property tax—DoNotPay can help you. We offer you a product that will automatically identify if you qualify for any of the tax exemptions in your city, county, or state. 

When you sign up for DoNotPay, there are only three steps you need to take:

  1. Enter Property Tax in DoNotPay’s search bar
  2. Give us your general information—your name, age, property location, etc.
  3. Tap on Proceed

We will generate a detailed guide on how you can reduce your property taxes specific to your case. The guide will contain the following points:

  • What exemptions you qualify for and how to apply for them
  • How you can appeal past property assessments

What Exemptions Can You Qualify For?

When you provide us with your information, we will create clear instructions on application procedures for the exemptions you qualify for. The most common exemptions in every city, county, and state are:

After you sign up, DoNotPay will provide you with information about which forms to use and instructions on how to submit the tax reduction application.

How To Appeal Philadelphia Property Tax Assessments

After DoNotPay identifies the exemptions you can qualify for, we can also help you appeal your past property tax assessments. We will generate a document with step-by-step instructions and the tips you can use to negotiate with the Philadelphia tax assessor. The guide will also contain information about what type of evidence you need to ensure the success of your appeal.

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