How To Use a Pennsylvania Property Tax Exemption

Reducing Property Taxes How To Use a Pennsylvania Property Tax Exemption

Find Out if You Are Eligible for a Pennsylvania Property Tax Exemption 

If you are looking for help to pay property taxes, you should learn about property tax exemptions available. Use DoNotPay to see whether you qualify for a Pennsylvania property tax exemption easily!

What Is Property Tax and Why Is It Necessary?

Homeowners are familiar with house-related costs that they need to pay each year. The amount differs in accordance with the assessed value of the property. Some of the factors that influence this assessment are the size, location, and neighborhood.

These taxes fund schools, hospitals, libraries, road construction, and similar entities. The problem with property tax is that it can sometimes be too expensive. The good news is that there are possible ways to lower it—the most popular being property tax exemptions and appeals.

How To Calculate Property Tax?

To get a tax bill, you will need to find out your property tax rate and the assessed value. Once you have that info, you’ll need to multiply the rate and the value—that’s your tax bill. Another important factor that can affect the result is property tax exemptions.

What You Should Know About the PA Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can count on property tax exemptions for veterans as a way to lower your property taxes. To qualify, you must:

  • Be a Commonwealth resident
  • Live in the property as your principal household
  • Own the property
  • Be an honorably discharged service member
  • Have served during established war service dates (DOC)
  • Own a Navy Expeditionary Medal or Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • Have a 100% permanent service-connected disability
  • Be blind—visual acuity of three-sixteenths or ten two-hundredths
  • Be a paraplegic—have bilateral paralysis of the upper or lower extremities of the body

As proof of financial need, you should have an annual income of less than $92,594. To apply, you’ll need to contact the County Veterans Affairs Director in the county you reside. In case the veteran who meets the qualifications for this tax exemption dies, their spouse has the right to continue using it if they have proof of financial need.

What Other PA Property Tax Relief Is Available?

In addition to the property tax exemption for veterans, Pennsylvania has a Property Tax/Rebate program that is used to help senior citizens and disabled persons. This tax relief program uses the casino gambling revenue from the state. It grants partial refunds every year.

To qualify for this tax relief, you need to meet certain requirements. You need to be:

  1. 65 and older
  2. A widow or widower of age 50 and older
  3. A person with a disability of age 18 and over

The maximum standard rebate is $650, but sometimes supplemental rebates can boost this number to $975.

PA Property Tax Exemption—Use DoNotPay To Find Out if You Qualify

You don’t have to bother yourself with finding out whether you meet all the criteria for the property tax exemption in Pennsylvania—DoNotPay can do it for you! We’ve made the entire procedure straightforward. You will see the results in under five minutes if you follow these instructions:

  1. Access DoNotPay from any web browser
  2. Locate and open the Property Tax feature
  3. Provide us with some answers about your property
  4. Answer a few questions about yourself
  5. Wait for DoNotPay to generate your personalized guide to property tax reductions

We will make sure you collect the forms you need and send the application without any issues.

You can use DoNotPay to learn more about the states with lower property taxes. See more details in the table below:

Rate (From Lowest)StateProperty Tax Rate

We also have all the info about the property tax exemptions in:

Use DoNotPay To Appeal Previous Property Assessments

You may turn to DoNotPay for help with appealing property tax assessments in case you notice that your taxes increased a lot compared to last year. Sometimes it can also happen that the evaluation includes some property you don’t own anymore.

If any of this is the case, you should access our app from your web browser and open the Property Tax feature. We can offer tips and tricks for negotiating with the assessor without issues and gather evidence that can help you with your case.

What Else Can You Do To Lower Your Property Taxes in PA?

If you wish to increase your chances of lowering property taxes in Pennsylvania, you can try something other than exemptions and appeals. Here are some suggestions that could aid you:

  • Read through your tax bill and search for inaccuracies
  • Don’t renovate your dwelling before the assessor evaluates it
  • Shadow the assessor while they walk around your house and make the assessment

These options can aid you to a point, but property tax exemptions and appeals are a certain way of lowering your property taxes.

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