Stop Harassment from Penham Excel Bailiffs Debt Collectors Easily

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Stop Harassment from Penham Excel Bailiffs Debt Collectors Easily

When you receive a call from , you may be shocked by the call, or you might have been expecting it all along. If you owe a Council Tax debt, then you ought not to be all that surprised at all when the debt collectors from Penham Excel Bailiffs come calling.

However, you do still need to know what you should do in response to getting a phone call like this. You might be scared, and you might freeze up because you aren't certain what they will ask for or what actions you should take in response. If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath and use DoNotPay.

Why Are Penham Excel Bailiffs Calling Me?

There are only a few reasons why you will hear from . They will contact you:

  1. When they need to verify your debts
  2. When they want to set up payment arrangements with you
  3. When they are calling to harass you about making said payments

They are only going to get in touch for those specific reasons. Therefore, you should take their calls seriously. Ignoring their collections activities may feel right in the moment, but this will not serve you well in the long run. The fact is, they can still get a hold of you even if you try to hide from them. Now they know how to get in contact with you, and they may escalate their tactics to:

  • Sending collections demand letters
  • Taking you to court over unpaid taxes

Things can get pretty serious in a hurry, and you do not want to find yourself facing a judge trying to explain why you have not paid your council taxes. You may end up in legal and financial trouble.

Are Penham Excel Bailiffs a Scam?

Be aware that there is a possibility that a supposed collections agent could be a scam. There are some people and organizations that will try to scam hard-working people out of their money if they get the chance. However, is a legitimate debt collector. You just need to be sure that you are really dealing with them and not an imposter.

About Debt Collection Scams

There are a few things that scammers tend to have in common when they try to pull their devious scams. See the table below.

Warning Signs that an agent may be a scammer
  • They threaten to throw you in jail
  • They make threats to expose your debts to family and friends
  • Unruly behavior on the phone
  • They pressure you to send money via a bank wire directly to them

If you are dealing with any of those tactics, you need to get off the phone as rapidly as you can. There is no point in wasting your time with a scam artist like this, and it can be dangerous. The safest thing to do if you know that you owe a legitimate debt is to try to get in touch with Penham Excel Bailiffs on your own terms. If you call them and work things out, then it won't be as scary as it might otherwise have been.

DoNotPay Can Help You Combat This Issue

DoNotPay has worked very hard to solidify its reputation as the type of company that puts its customers first. They know that their reputation is their lifeblood, and that is why they are so adamant about helping make life easier for their users. They have worked hard on the issue of debt collection, and have produced a three-step plan that is easy to use and gets results.

Here is how it works:

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

Just like that and the debt collectors can be managed. It is a lot better than trying to do all of this work on your own and just getting frustrated by it. Therefore, you ought to consider putting DoNotPay at the top of your list to get your debt collection issues under control.

DoNotPay Works for All Kinds of Debt Collectors

Beyond Penham Excel Bailiffs debt collectors, you can use the app for all sorts of agents. Some popular ones include:

But that’s not all.

What Else Is DoNotPay Involved With?

There are some other services that DoNotPay offers that you should know about. A few include:

Remember, if you need to stand up for yourself legally, make DoNotPay your first resource.

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