Is the PayPal Cashback Mastercard Worth It?

Get Cash Back Is the PayPal Cashback Mastercard Worth It?

Is the PayPal Cashback Mastercard Worth It?

PayPal Cashback MasterCard was introduced in 2017 and works in conjunction with Synchrony Financial to allow PayPal cashback transactions. The Paypal Cashback MasterCard offers cashback services to PayPal members who use it in online stores.

In response, DoNotPay compiled this guide to using the PayPal Cashback MasterCard on purchases and optimizing online credit.

Besides this handbook to using the PayPal Extras MasterCard, DoNotPay has dedicated this Get Cash Back Product to navigating wise purchasing habits whether online on PayPal or in stores like Walmart.

DoNotPay's guide hopes to utilize the methodology of cashback to capitalize on one's spending habits and make money back. 

Overview of the PayPal Cashback Credit Card 

In this PayPal Cashback MasterCard review, the basics of using cashback on PayPal will seem straightforward since PayPal only offers one PayPal cashback card. When it comes to PayPal, the way to get the PayPal cashback card involves applying for an account with Synchrony Financial. PayPal credit card cashback is best practiced with the PayPal MasterCard cashback item here

Understanding the PayPal Credit Card Cash Back Card Offer

  1. Offers to get the PayPal Cash Back MasterCard do include this card, which is a credit card.
  2. Although it is a digital card, the PayPal Cashback Card is going to still involve repayment terms.
  3. The PayPal Cash Back Credit Card is only for transactions on PayPal.
  4. While it is a credit card, it is a digital one, and using it in a store would not work.
  5. PayPal MasterCard cashback is going to be a 2% kickback for online purchases using PayPal.
  6. To apply for the card, sign up here.

Managing your PayPal Cashback Mastercard Account

Add Authorized UsersThey'll like the convenience, and you’ll earn cashback on all their purchases.
Set as Preferred PaymentThat way you’ll earn cashback on every purchase when you check out with PayPal.
Pay Bills, Earn RewardsEarn cashback on utilities, streaming services, and more.
Go PaperlessFor quick and secure access to your statements, switch from paper to electronic.

Getting PayPal Rewards Cashback Card

How does PayPal cashback work? It involves signing up for and being approved for the cashback PayPal card. 

The benefits of the PayPal MasterCard Cashback Card are

  • 2% cashback on online purchases using PayPal.
  • The purchases are not limited according to various categories like how traditional cards limit users.
  • For instance, there isn't a staggering threshold on the PayPal card where it varies on purchases, or where it's used.
  • The rewards do not expire.
  • An account with PayPal must be in good standing and operational to use this card.
  • You must use a PayPal account to redeem a cash rewards balance.
  • You can link your debit card to a PayPal account to get the cash benefits.

How to Get Cash-Backs from PayPal

Qualifying for the PayPal credit cashback card is going to be based on credit approval and rules apply. The PayPal cashback card credit score does have to be on the Excellent side for approval and these benefits.

Here are some points to consider: 

  • Not all PayPal Cashback MasterCard preapproval letters are going to result in being approved.
  • The average PayPal Cashback MasterCard credit score is going to be in the Excellent Category and be around 690.
  • The PayPal Cashback MasterCard approval odds are good for scores over 700.
  • The PayPal Cashback MasterCard Credit Score needed will be 690.
  • The PayPal Cashback MasterCard credit limit for daily purchases is $3,000.
  • The PayPal Cashback MasterCard foreign transaction fee is 3%.

How to Redeem PayPal Cashback Rewards 

PayPal's users can earn cashback from PayPal and redeem the rewards whenever. Can you get cashback with PayPal and cash the rewards in? Yes, the PayPal Cashback World MasterCard has some special requirements, such as how one has to have a PayPal account and transfer rewards money through it. However, users can cash the rewards in.

Here's how to get the accumulated rewards from PayPal: 

  1. Open up PayPal on your browser.
  2. Sign in to PayPal and select the "PayPal Mastercard" tab.
  3. The site will forward you to the Synchrony Bank section.
  4. Go to the "Rewards & Offers" tab.
  5. Pick out the "Rewards" option.
  6. Type in how much Payback cashback you are redeeming.
  7. It will be dispensed to the account.

How to Get Cashback From PayPal on Your Own

To get rewards and cashback from PayPal, it will involve signing up for the account and getting approved. Additionally, users have to be registered PayPal members and have an account in good standing. This means that there aren't already disputes and fees involved with their account. Getting cash back from PayPal and signing up for it yourself can be annoying since it involves a lot of toggling between various sites. Additionally, the credit card requirements are stringent. With that in mind, allow DoNotPay to help.

How to Get Cashback From PayPal Using DoNotPay 

Not everyone has enough free time to apply for services from PayPal, let the approval process continue, and wait for the rewards to rack up. Allow our specialists to help you find the right deal on DoNotPay and earn cashback fast from PayPal. 

Simply follow the three steps:

  1. Head over to the DoNotPay website and search for "cashback."


  2. Start the process to find the correct application or service for you.


  3. Follow our guide and respond to the questions in order to help us help you make money.


That's all that's required. As soon as possible, DoNotPay sends along with the match it has found for a cashback service.

Besides this PayPal Cash Back MasterCard review, we can also help you navigate best cashback credit cards out there like Apple Cards, Citi Cards, Discover Cards. And we can teach you how to best utilize Apple Pay and PayPal to get money back. With credit cards and cashback apps, there is often little wiggle room to find the best practices. Try DoNotPay today.

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