Partners of Gambling Addicts: Problems Solved

Gambling Protection Partners of Gambling Addicts: Problems Solved

Help Your Partner's Gambling Addiction With DoNotPay

Having a partner with an addiction is tumultuous and heartbreaking. You want the best for the one you love, but it can be hard to watch them hurt themselves despite their best efforts to stop. This is as true for gambling addiction as any other. Partners of gambling addicts can try out DoNotPay to make the process of signing them up for voluntary exclusion programs at casinos so much simpler.

What Is a "Banned List"?

Casinos typically keep a record of people they've banned from entering or playing at their games. In many cases, this is because the person in question was disruptive, dangerous, cheating, or otherwise being a nuisance to the staff and other gamblers. However, many people with gambling problems or addictions voluntarily choose to put themselves on a casino's banned list in order to prevent themselves from relapsing. In short, anyone on the banned list will be denied the right to play if they're recognized by staff and, in some cases, may even be arrested for trespassing.

How Can You File a Request to Join the "Banned List"?

There are two primary ways to get on a casino's banned list: Contact the casino directly or contact a state's voluntary exclusion program. For the former method, you're letting a specific casino know that the person in question should not be allowed to gamble there. For the latter, you're sending your information to a state-run agency to then give to every casino in the state that's part of the program.

Each of these options presents different advantages and challenges, but one thing they share is the effort involved. If you don't have a ton of time to handle signing up for these programs despite their benefits for recovering from a gambling addiction, you're not alone. That's why DoNotPay wants to make it as easy as possible to get your information where it needs to go with our service.

If you're determined to try on your own, though, you can attempt a few methods:

Contact a Casino

  1. Contact the casino you would like to have banned you or your partner.
  2. Discuss what you'd like from them, potentially setting up a meeting to talk more in person.
  3. Provide the necessary information about the person being banned.
  4. Confirm that they've placed the gambler on their banned list.

Contact an Agency

  1. Find the number to set up an appointment with the organization that runs your state's voluntary exclusion program.
  2. Collect the necessary identifying information and ID of the person who's trying to be banned.
  3. Attend your meeting and present your information to the agency.
  4. Confirm that you're in the system and your information is being sent to the casinos in the state.

What Information Do I Need to Provide for the "Banned List" Request?

If you're trying to get yourself or a loved one on a casino's banned list, you'll be required to provide various descriptive information about the person in question. The exact list will vary by establishment and state, but common items are:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birthdate
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Address
  • Identifying features

How Long Can I Be Banned for?

The length of your ban from casinos can vary based on the agreement you make with the establishment or state program. For many, typical ban lengths are a minimum of one to two years, though some may go longer. In many cases, your ban is indefinite and can only be appealed following the set minimum amount of time. To know for sure, simply read the fine print on your agreement, as the length of your ban will be listed there.

Can I Request for a Ban From Multiple States?

It's very possible to get yourself banned from casinos in as many states as possible, provided those states have voluntary exclusion programs. One easy way to accomplish this is with DoNotPay since we can send a request with your information to as many states as you need all without the extra effort that would come with doing it on your own.

How to Get Banned From Casinos Using DoNotPay

Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and you don't always know how to handle it on your own. If you're working at joining a voluntary exclusion program, you can let DoNotPay help you out by following these six simple steps:

  1. Search Gambling Protection on DoNotPay
  1. Enter the name of the casino and indicate whether it's online or in-person
  1. Tell us which state the casino is located in, or the state you're accessing the online casino from. DoNotPay will then find your state's self-exclusion laws and reference them in your request.
  1. Select how long you want to be banned for (you can choose anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime!)
  1. Answer a few of our chatbot questions so we can help the casino identify you or your online account. If you want to be banned from an in-person casino, it helps to provide information about your height, weight, race, and other identifying features.
  1. Choose whether you want us to email the request to the casino on your behalf. You can also choose to notarize your document to legally verify your identity.

Why Use DoNotPay to Help Your Partner Enter a Voluntary Exclusion Gambling Program?

DoNotPay is a great resource for simplifying the process of joining a voluntary exclusion program for casinos. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, making the decision gets easier when you let us do the heavy lifting for you. Here is  a quick summary of what makes us so special and what we can offer:

FastAn app that can connect you with multiple voluntary exclusion programs in just a few minutes.
EasySingle low price for this service and many more.
SuccessfulA success guarantee when you provide the necessary information.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay isn't just limited to helping with a gambling addiction; we handle other problems, too. We can help you with a ton of problems, providing services like:

Whether it's adding you and your partner’s name to a voluntary exclusion program or helping with any number of other issues, DoNotPay is here for you. Start using our app today to save yourself a ton of time and effort.

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