Do I Need the Paramount Property Tax Appeal Service?

Reducing Property Taxes Do I Need the Paramount Property Tax Appeal Service?

Get the Scoop on the Paramount Property Tax Appeal Company

Paying property taxes can be a major financial strain even in states with low property taxes. You can run into issues long before your tax bill arrives—right after your property assessment. If you believe your home’s assessment was unfair or incorrect in any way, you can file an appeal. This is where property tax appeal services, such as Paramount Property Tax Appeal, come into play.

This article will show you how Paramount operates and what it can do for you. We’ll also show you how to lodge an appeal and lower your taxes by yourself with DoNotPay’s assistance.

The Issue With Property Taxes

An average American cashes out around $2,500 on property taxes a year. In California, where Paramount is based, the amount is not that high—0.76%—but it’s definitely not as low as in Hawaii or Alabama.

Aside from the tax rate, the property assessment of your home is factored in to calculate your tax bill. If your home is overassessed, your bill will be considerably higher.

What Does Paramount Property Tax Appeal Offer?

Paramount Property Tax Appeal is a consulting company from San Diego, California. It offers property tax appeal services, as its name suggests. The scope of its services includes assistance with:

  1. Real property
  2. Business property
  3. Legal changes and ownership
  4. Business personal property tax compliance
  5. Estate evaluation
  6. New construction developers

Paramount’s Service Regarding Real Property

Although headquartered in San Diego, Paramount can help clients with real property in California, Arizona, and Nevada. If you live in or own one of the following, Paramount can help you:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Golf courses
  • Industrials
  • Self-storage
  • Hospitals
  • Single-family residences
  • Gas stations
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Assisted living centers

How Can Paramount Help Me With an Assessment Appeal?

Paramount offers to:

  • Determine the correct value of your property
  • Represent you at Board of Equalization hearings
  • File your appeal

There are two types of appeals in California:

Property Assessment Appeal Type

Brief Explanation

Decline-in-value appealThe County Assessor's office should assign your home a Proposition 13 trending value or its current market value, whichever is lower. This means that your tax liability can keep rising even after you have won appeals for previous years 
Base-year appealIf there’s a change of ownership or new construction, you can file an appeal due to the newly assessed values

Are Property Tax Appeal Services Reliable?

Even though Paramount and similar services claim a 90% success rate of their appeal service, they cannot guarantee you will get what you want or deserve—especially if you know that, with the right tools, you can handle the appeal on your own. With DoNotPay’s Property Tax guide, you will not need to hire a firm! Besides the assessment appeal instructions, we make it a point to provide various money-saving tips and guidelines regarding your property tax.

Appeal Your Assessment and Apply for Property Tax Exemptions With DoNotPay

We have created a Property Tax feature that can generate a customized guide to help people manage their taxes. Using the personal info you provide, the guide will be specific to your case.

Here’s what you can expect from it:

Property Assessment AppealsProperty Tax Exemptions
  • Ways of negotiating with the assessor
  • Guidelines for collecting evidence, forms, and other documents necessary for the appeal
  • Instructions for filling in and submitting the appeal form

After a few clicks, your guide will be ready for you. Here’s what you need to do to get it:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any web browser
  2. Navigate to the Property Tax feature
  3. Provide the necessary info about yourself—your age, location, and income
  4. Answer several questions about your property

What Else Can I Do To Reduce My Property Taxes?

Even small steps and precautions can affect the numbers on your property tax bill and help you pay taxes. You can give the following strategies a go:


Brief Explanation

Plan for home improvements carefullyHome renovations, especially major ones, can increase your home’s market value. This means that your assessed value will be higher and with it your tax bill. The best thing to do is put off renovating until after the assessment
Be present during the in-person property assessmentIf your assessment is in person, make sure to be there. This way, you can ask questions and explain anything the assessor is unsure about. You’re more likely to get a fair assessment if you are present
Research the neighboring propertiesYou can check the neighbors' homes’ values online before your assessment to see if there are any errors and signs of an unfair assessment once it’s done
Keep up with the property tax exemptions you may qualify forProperty tax exemptions could fully or partially exempt you from paying taxes. Eligibility factors and exempt amounts change over time, so you should stay up to date to know when you can apply for them

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