A Detailed Guide to the Paraguay Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa Guide A Detailed Guide to the Paraguay Tourist Visa

Paraguay Tourist Visa Requirements From A to Z

Are you preparing for a trip to Paraguay? You won't regret the decision to visit the Heart of South America! You will be able to enjoy Paraguayan cuisine and its delicious dishes and desserts, as well as the country’s beautiful nature.

To experience everything Paraguay has to offer, you will need to obtain a Paraguay tourist visa. Getting all the information is complex and time-consuming, but not if you use DoNotPay! Our app will provide you with all the necessary info related to travel requirements and tell you how to get the visa!

Do You Need a Tourist Visa To Enter Paraguay?

As a U.S. citizen, you must obtain a tourist visa to travel to Paraguay, and you can stay in the country for a maximum of three months at a time. You need to get a multiple-entry visa that can be valid for up to ten years.

The visa fee is $160, and you can pay for it using a money order or cashier’s check issued to the Consulate General of Paraguay. You cannot use credit cards or personal checks for the payment.

What Are the Paraguay Tourist Visa Requirements?

When applying for a Paraguay tourist visa, you need to present a:

  • U.S. passport valid for at least six months
  • Completed and signed visa application form
  • Color photo (2” x 2”) with no glasses and a clear background

You will also need to pay the consular fees.

How To Apply for the Paraguay Tourist Visa

To make your trip to Paraguay as planned, you can:

  1. Apply for a visa in person
  2. Apply for a visa by mail
  3. Obtain a "visa en arribo" (visa on arrival)

How To Apply for a Paraguay Tourist Visa in Person

Here’s how you can apply for a Paraguay tourist visa in person:

  1. Schedule an appointment over the phone
  2. Visit the Paraguayan embassy in Washington, D.C., or the nearest Paraguayan consulate

The process of issuing a visa in person takes one week.

How To Apply for a Paraguay Tourist Visa by Mail

Another way to file for a Paraguay tourist visa is to compose an email and include the following:

  • Passport (valid for at least six months)
  • Visa application form (completed and signed)
  • Photo (in color and passport photo size)
  • The payment (money order or deposit receipt of City Bank)

Make sure to use a prepaid return envelope so you can get your passport with the visa back when it is ready. You should mail the documents to any consulate of the Republic of Paraguay in the U.S.

How To Get a Visa on Arrival in Paraguay

U.S. citizens have the option to obtain an arrival visa at the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción. To get a visa on arrival, you have to:

  1. Show a valid passport
  2. Pay $160 in cash

Border agents will only accept new bills without any ink marks or tears. Make sure not to use series CB and D if paying with $100 denomination bills.

What You Should Know Before Coming to Paraguay

Learning about the country you're visiting is always a good idea! We prepared some facts about Paraguay you might find helpful:

  • Paraguayans are not big fans of their neighbors Argentina and Brazil because of the Triple Alliance War (1864–1870). Those two countries and Uruguay formed a united front against Paraguay. It is best to avoid any praises of those two countries
  • You should learn some Guaraní (an indigenous language), which has become an official language. Speaking a few words in Guaraní with the Paraguayans will win you some points
  • If mastering languages is not your forte, you can use gestures. Good-old thumbs up will show the Paraguayans’ tranquilo pa (it’s all good) attitude
  • Paraguayans prefer an emongarú for a greeting rather than a high five. You need to extend your hand with fingers and thumb pressed together (facing downward). The other person should extend their hand in the same manner but with fingers pointed upward. Your fingers should touch while you’re saying “emongarú”
  • Mangoes are free. There are so many during the summer that the stores don’t even sell them

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