PA Property Tax Rebate for Seniors Explained

Reducing Property Taxes PA Property Tax Rebate for Seniors Explained

A Guide to Getting a PA Property Tax Rebate for Seniors

Whoever owns a home in the U.S. needs to pay annual property taxes. Local governments invest the tax money in beneficial services such as healthcare, fire department, and law enforcement.

The average property tax rate in the U.S. is 1.07%. Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates in America (1.50%), and people with low incomes struggle to pay their annual property tax bill. That’s why Pennsylvania decided to use the casino gambling revenue and create the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program for senior and disabled citizens.  

If you’re looking for a way to enroll in the program or lower your property taxes in some other way, you’re in the right place. 

Who Qualifies for Pennsylvania Property Tax Rebate for Seniors?

If you live in Pennsylvania and your property tax is too high, you should check if you’re eligible to enroll in the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program. The program is designed to help eligible senior and disabled citizens pay their property taxes by granting partial refunds every year. 

To qualify for the rebate program, you need to be a Pennsylvania resident who fulfills one of the following age and income requirements:

Age Requirements

  • 65 or older
  • Widow or widower (50 or older)
  • Individual with disabilities (18 and older)

Homeowners Income Requirements ($35,000 limit)

IncomeMaximum Rebate
$0 to $8,000$650
$8,001 to $15,000$500
$15,001 to $18,000$300
$18,001 to $35,000$250

Renters Income Requirements ($15,000 limit)

IncomeMaximum Rebate
$0 to $8,000$650
$8,001 to $15,000$500

When calculating your yearly income, you should exclude:

  1. Half of your Social Security income 
  2. 50% of your average annual Social Security benefit amount if you’re a federal Civil Service Retirement System benefit recipient
  3. 100% of your state veterans’ payments or federal veterans’ disability payments

How To Get Property Tax Rebate for Seniors in PA

To apply for the PA property tax rebate for senior citizens for the first time, you should visit or call 1-888-222-9190. If you enroll in the program, you’ll receive an application via mail every year for your future applications. 

Ways To Lower Your Property Tax Bill

Every state has different property tax rates. Most people take property taxes into consideration when deciding where to purchase their home. The table below shows ten states with the lowest rates:

StateProperty Tax Rate
District of Columbia0.46%
West Virginia0.49%
South Carolina0.50%
New Mexico0.55%

The local assessors’ job is to perform property tax assessments. They do it by evaluating the market value of the property in question and multiplying it with the property tax rate. Your property’s value depends on multiple elements, including:

  • Curb appeal and interior aesthetic
  • Number and size of bedrooms
  • Properties in the neighborhood
  • Location and vicinity to important facilities such as schools, hospitals, and similar

Even if you don’t qualify for PA senior citizen property tax rebate, you might be eligible to reduce your property tax bill in some other way. You can try out some of the following strategies:

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