How to Get a Pennsylvania Hunting License Online

Hunting Licenses How to Get a Pennsylvania Hunting License Online

How to Apply for a Pennsylvania Hunting License Online

If you're a big fan of hunting, Pennsylvania is an excellent place for the sport. You'll need to make sure that you have the right gear and clothing depending on the time of year you head out into the woods.

However, before you can plan your hunting trip, you'll need to get a Pennsylvania hunting license so that you can hunt legally. You can get a Pennsylvania hunting license on your own, but it can be a hassle. DoNotPay offers you an easier way to get your license in time for hunting season.

Who Is Eligible to Get a Pennsylvania Hunting License? 

If you've lived in Pennsylvania for at least 30 days, you can get a resident's hunting license if you're 18 years or older. The state also offers the Mentored Adult Hunting Program for first-time hunters and 18-year-olds. Visitors can also get a Pennsylvania hunting license.

Hunting in Pennsylvania

With 20 State Parks, Pennsylvania offers many hunting opportunities and forested areas where you and your friends can hunt. There are many ecosystems available and areas with water features, such as lakes. In Pennsylvania, the most commonly hunted animals are deer, rabbit, pheasant, ruffed grouse, waterfowl, bear, and squirrel.

What Are the Different Types of Hunting Licenses in Pennsylvania?

When you apply for your Pennsylvania hunting license, you need to make sure that you select the correct one. There are a few offered, including:


This hunting license is for a resident of the state for the last 30 days and age 17 or older.


Youth between the ages of 12 and 16 can purchase this license whether they're a resident or non-resident. However, there are restrictions on who needs to accompany youths based on their age.


Anyone over 18 and older who doesn't live in the state needs this license. You might be required to acquire additional permits.

Pennsylvania Hunting License Costs

The cost of a hunting license in Pennsylvania runs between $6.97 and $101.97. The price you pay is determined by the type of license you need. Combination licenses do not include bear, migratory game bird, special spring gobbler, or antlerless deer license privileges. Here's a closer look:

Annual Resident Adult Hunting License (one antlered deer tag, one fall turkey tag, one spring turkey tag, and small game hunting privileges)$20.97
Annual Resident Junior Hunting License$6.97
Resident Junior Combination License$9.97
Resident Senior Hunting License (ages 65+)$13.97
Resident Senior Lifetime Hunting License (ages 65+)$51.97
Resident Senior Lifetime Combination License (ages 65+)$101.97
Resident Military Hunting License$2.97
Resident Disabled Veteran (DV) Lifetime Hunting Renewal LicenseFree
Resident Landowner Hunting License$4.97
Annual Non-resident Adult Hunting License$101.97
Annual Non-resident Junior Hunting License$41.97
Annual Non-resident Junior Combination License$51.97
Nonresident 7-Day Small Game License$31.97

How Much Is the Fine for Hunting Without a License in Pennsylvania? 

You don't want to be caught hunting without a license in Pennsylvania. It's considered a misdemeanor of the first degree. Fines start at $2,000 and can go all the way to $10,000 along with up to six months in jail. 

How to Get a Pennsylvania Hunting License on Your Own

If you want to try and get a hunting license on your own, there are only two ways to do this. You can purchase online at the state's website or visit one of Pennsylvania's licensing agents in person.

Solve the Challenges of Getting a Pennsylvania Hunting License With the Help of DoNotPay

Before you can start enjoying the hunting season or filling your freezer with enough game to last a year, you'll need to get a Pennsylvania hunting license. While you can try to get one on your own, you probably don't want to waste time or be put to any inconvenience. The good news is that the DoNotPay app is ready to partner with you to get your hunting license now. 

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to get your PA hunting license:

  1. Search "hunting license" on DoNotPay and select the state you would like a hunting license for. 
  2. Indicate whether you are a resident or non-resident, and choose the type of license you want. For example, an annual or one-time pass, big game or small game license, bear tag, etc. 
  3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state. 

And that's it! DoNotPay will get the hunting license on your behalf, which will be valid immediately. Just download the file and print it as a temporary license, while a physical copy gets processed and sent to you by mail.

​​Why Use DoNotPay to Solve the Challenges of Getting a Pennsylvania Hunting License

When you need a Pennsylvania hunting license, you don't want to waste time or get frustrated trying to find an agent. DoNotPay offers the best way to accomplish this task. Check out these reasons:

  1. It's fast!
  2. It's easy to navigate and use!
  3. It's successful without any hassle!

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

The DoNotPay app can help with more than a Pennsylvania hunting license. Here are a few options to explore:

Go ahead and get your Pennsylvania hunting license with DoNotPay today!

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