How To Enroll In Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials How To Enroll In Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

What Is The Best Way To Enroll in Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials?

The clinical trial definition describes it as a research process in which researchers subject humans to different procedures to reach a medical breakthrough regarding a specific condition, like osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the cartilage in the joints and the underlying bone tissue. The condition can occur in any joint, but it usually affects the knees, hips, neck, back, fingers, and toes.

Clinical trials on osteoarthritis focus on alleviating different symptoms with methods that can vary depending on the phase. 

In early clinical trial phases, researchers conduct paid trials for healthy volunteers, but later on, to participate in a clinical trial, you have to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis. 

Why Are Clinical Trials for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Important?

Osteoarthritis is the prevalent type of arthritis, usually affecting the knee joints. 

The condition causes symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness, loss of movement, swelling, deformity, or crackling of the joints, and is also one of the major causes of disability. 

If you are suffering from this condition, you can find clinical trials focused on discovering various treatment options, a potential cure, diagnostic procedures, or preventive measures. Pain management clinical trials are also quite common when it comes to this particular health problem.

Osteoarthritis clinical trials work by testing different drugs and methods and can range from simple osteoarthritis medical surveys to innovative full-term research, like stem cell knee cartilage clinical trials

How Do Osteoarthritis Clinical Studies Work?

Osteoarthritis studies are randomized clinical trials, which means that the participants are split into two groups. 

One group receives the drug that is being tested depending on the type of clinical study. There are two options for the other (control) group.

The clinical trial companies can use the most effective known treatment for osteoarthritis or turn to placebo (an inactive substance).

The randomization can take three approaches:

  • The open-label trials establish a full disclosure of the treatment program—everyone is familiar with who is receiving the treatment/placebo 
  • The single-blind research constitutes that only the researchers know who receives the tested treatment
  • The double-blind method keeps any info on who gets which drug hidden. The randomization is done automatically

What Are the Phases of Clinical Trials for Knee Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis trials develop in four stages. Each stage has a particular purpose, criteria for selecting participants, and its own set of rules.

Regardless of the stage, the participants have to sign an ICF (clinical trial informed consent form). It's a document that provides complete info on the clinical trial, addressing any ethical issues, and ensuring that the clinical trial is safe

The phases of a clinical trial are:

Phase OneThe purpose of phase one is to find the highest dose that a healthy person can take without any side effects. 

The subjects are usually healthy people taking part in the clinical study for money

Phase TwoThis stage involves several hundred people. 

The goal is to check if the drug has the desired effect on osteoarthritis. 

Participants in phase two are usually in a similar stage of the disease

Phase threeThe aim is to compare the tested drug with the best one already available on the market.

Following this phase, the drug has to receive the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to be distributed further

Phase fourFollows the participants over an extended period to establish any long term effects of the drug

How To Sign Up for Osteoarthritis Knee Clinical Trials

There are better ways to find clinical trial databases or platforms providing lists of drugs currently in clinical trials than hitting Google with "clinical trials near me" or "highest-paid clinical trials near me" queries. 

Here is a list of trustworthy websites offering clinical trials for osteoarthritis:

  1. ClinicalTrials is one of the largest clinical trial registries in the world. You can find info on the participants, deadlines, conditions, locations, and more
  2. CenterWatch is a platform that promotes trials actively looking for participants 
  3. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a website with a section dedicated to Bethesda-based publicly supported clinical trials
  4. ResearchMatch is a nationwide clinical trial index created to match volunteers with research teams
  5. PolicyLab is a U.S. based clinical trial resource center with the goal to connect patients and available research studies
  6. Mayo Clinic is a website with a listing of Mayo Clinic clinical trials implemented within the institution
  7. Pfizer is one of the largest research-focused pharmaceutical companies in the world. The website hosts an assortment of Pfizer clinical trials for various conditions

How To Sign Up for Clinical Trials for Osteoarthritis With DoNotPay

If you don't want to surf the internet in search of a perfect study on osteoarthritis, the good news is—you don't have to. 

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DoNotPay will email the research team on your behalf to maximize your chances of enrollment. 

The researchers should respond in a few days, but you can also check the status on our homepage

It is constantly updated with the latest studies, which means you can use it as an info point. Another option is to bookmark any trial to keep track of it. You can also enable the text-notification feature, and the app will notify you about new trials as soon as they appear. 

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