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Get Familiar With Opportunity Scholarship Programs

The rising costs of education may be worrying, but the good news is that you can get financial aid. Don’t rush into student loans before you exhaust the scholarship and grants that you qualify for.

The challenge with searching for scholarships is the fact that they are scattered all over the place. It can take days to find those that suit you—but if you know where to look, then your problem is solved.

This guide will introduce you to some of the Opportunity scholarship programs you can apply for and show you the easiest path of finding them at your own pace.

What Are Opportunity Scholarships?

Opportunity scholarships are offered by individual institutions to benefit a certain group of students. Most Opportunity scholarships are both merit and need-based. They target students who are doing well academically but would otherwise struggle to afford higher education.

Most Opportunity scholarships are tailored for particular groups, such as:

Which Opportunity Scholarships Can You Apply For?

Here is a selection of some of the best Opportunity scholarships that you can take advantage of:

  1. NC Opportunity Scholarship
  2. Dream Opportunity Scholarship
  3. College Board Opportunity Scholarships
  4. National University Opportunity Scholarship
  5. Aims Opportunity Scholarship
  6. New Mexico

Learn the details about each program in the table below:

Opportunity ScholarshipDescriptionEligibility Requirements
NC Opportunity ScholarshipThe program pays tuition for students whose families earn an income that’s below a certain amount and who attend private schools
  • Satisfy the income requirements
  • Be a resident of NC
  • Be in high school or yet to enroll in a post-high school institution at the time of application
Dream Opportunity ScholarshipThis scholarship program is for students who reside in locked-out states and can’t enroll in a college
  • Be from a locked-out state
  • Have never enrolled in any four-year institution
College Board Opportunity ScholarshipsThe program is available to any student, despite their financial background
  • Join and successfully complete all the required activities
National University Opportunity ScholarshipNU tailored the scholarship for students who have good academic records and demonstrate financial need
  • Be enrolled at NU
  • Pursue an undergraduate BA/BS program
  • Have stellar grades
Aims Opportunity ScholarshipThe program is tailored for Aims Community College students who have a good academic standing
  • Apply during your first year
  • Have excellent grades
New Mexico Opportunity ScholarshipA program for New Mexico students who meet the specified academic qualifications
  • Have enrolled in a two-year program at a public college
  • Live in New Mexico
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5

Note that this list is not exhaustive—you can find more Opportunity scholarships elsewhere. For example, check out our guides to Opportunity scholarships in Idaho and Washington.

How To Find Opportunity Scholarships

When you are searching for an Opportunity scholarship program, especially online, be aware that some of them might be scams. You need to use reliable resources, such as:

  • Your school’s financial aid office or the financial aid section of your university’s website
  • The school’s counselor
  • Federal agencies
  • State grant agencies
  • Organizations dedicated to specific communities (for example, religious or ethnic)
  • Verified scholarship portals
  • Past scholarship recipients
  • Your or your parent’s employer

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How To Apply for Any Opportunity Scholarship

Every Opportunity scholarship program has its own requirements and application procedures. You have to confirm the directions for applying and any other information about the program on the provider’s website.

Scholarships are competitive, no doubt, but that doesn't mean that you can’t win. There are ways that you can improve your odds of landing an Opportunity scholarship, such as:

  • Reading the eligibility and application requirements carefully
  • Applying for scholarships that you are qualified for—for instance, if you have excellent grades, target scholarships that are more merit-based
  • Including anything that can make you stand out
  • Learning to write better scholarship essays
  • Submitting the best recommendation letters
  • Preparing and organizing your application materials
  • Submitting your applications early

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