Easily Stop Harassment from Opos Limited Debt Collection

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Easily Stop Harassment from Opos Limited Debt Collection

Opos Limited Debt Collection is one of the leading providers of debt collection services in the UK. Essentially, the company takes responsibility for debts for both commercial and consumer collections. You should expect to contact you through a call, email or mail if you have an overdue debt.

If Opos limited contacts you, you should neither provide your personal information nor accept your debt. Before you decide to pay your debt, you should write a validation request letter to the company, which will take much of your time.

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Opos Limited Debt Collection Mobile Number and Reasons for Calling You

You can contact on 0141 428 3990. The company customer care will respond to your call between 8 am-5 pm.

The company will call you to:

  • Seek debt repayment
  • Negotiate about your debt repayment
  • Inform about the sale of your debt to another debt collector
  • Try to reach someone close to you, like a friend or a family member. Note that they will not reveal the debt since it is against debt collection regulations.

Opos Limited Debt Collection Company Address

If you want to mail Ops limited, you can use the address below:

2, 15 Meadowbank St

Dumbarton G82 1JR

United Kingdom

Is Opos Limited Debt Collection a Scam?

No, Opos Limited is a legitimate company based in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, and has been in operation since 2008. Apart from collecting debts for financing companies, they also purchase bad debts and collect the defaulted amount to make a profit.

What Can Opos Limited Do if You Fail to Pay Your Debt?

Though Opos is a debt collector agency, it operates under the same legal powers as your original creditor. Therefore, if you fail to pay your debt, Opos might send field agents to your home. However, they cannot come to your home without permission, and they must leave your premises if you ask them to.

If Opos collectors want to come to your home, they must take you to court and do the following:

  • File a county court judgement against you
  • Send bailiffs to your home and take assets worth your debt
  • Apply for an attachment of earning order to deduct your debt from your salary

Learn How Opos Might Violate Your Rights

Under Financial Conduct Authority, Opos Ltd should not do the following:

  1. Call you at unreasonable times, such as before 8 am or after 9 pm
  2. Contact you in a way that goes against the agreement you made with them
  3. Call you while at work
  4. Discuss your debt to any of your family members or friend
  5. Deny you time to consider your payment options
  6. Pressure you to borrow to pay your debt
  7. Use legal language to confuse you
  8. Demand you to pay your debt when the debt is statute-barred

Alternative Ways of Solving Your Debt Complaint

If you have confirmed the debt is not yours, you should demand Opos Company remove their negative review from your credit report. If they are hesitant to solve your concern, you can sue them in court and have your complaint solved from there. If the ruling is made in your favour, Opos will have no option other than to remove the negative review from your credit report.

How Long Can Opos Limited Debt Collectors Collect Debt From Me?

For most debts in Ireland, Wales, and North Ireland, the limitation period for debt collection is six years. Some of these debts include rent arrears, council tax arrears, credit or store cards, personal loans, etc.

Learn How to Deal With Opos Limited Debt Collection on Your Own

When you receive any call from Opos, you must do the following:

  • Check if you owe the debt. You should check with the original credit agency and know the outstanding debt against your name.
  • Get Opos limited to prove your debt through a letter. You should request a validation letter from Opos to prove the debt the claim is yours. You should not sign the request letter since signing might give the company a chance to reconstitute the document.
  • Check whether your debt has been barred. According to the Limitation Act 1980, debts have a time limit, and if your debt passes the time limit, debt collectors have no legal right to demand payment.

Though you can deal with Opos debt collectors by yourself, you are likely to be frustrated. The company customer care might fail to respond to your debt validation request and continue to nag you to pay.

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