You Can Create an Operating Agreement for an LLC in NJ in a Few Clicks

Standardized Legal Documents You Can Create an Operating Agreement for an LLC in NJ in a Few Clicks

Compose an Operating Agreement for an LLC in NJ Hassle-Free!

Are you thinking about starting a multi- or single-member limited liability company (LLC) in New Jersey? You should consider writing an LLC operating agreement to spell out the operating guidelines and governing structure of the company. If you’re wondering what the best way to create an operating agreement for an LLC in NJ is, you will find this article helpful.

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What Is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement is a document signed by all the members of an LLC. The purpose of the agreement is to define:

  • The terms of LLC ownership and management
  • Functional and financial decisions of the LLC
  • The rights and responsibilities of each member
  • Rules and guidelines regarding business conduct within the LLC

Is an LLC Operating Agreement Legally Required in New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the states that don’t require the LLC owners to have an operating agreement. You should still consider drafting one as this contract can be beneficial to your business for various reasons, including:

  1. You will avoid any future conflicts with the members since all of you will outline the roles, expectations, and responsibilities in writing
  2. The lack of an LLC agreement means that your company will have to follow the state rules. These regulations are generic, which means that they probably won’t be advantageous to the members of your LLC
  3. Prospective partners and investors will ask for the operating agreement when evaluating your business
  4. If you or any other member apply for financing, banks, credit unions, and other institutions will want to review your operating agreement
  5. Having an LLC operating agreement will help you protect your company’s limited liability status
  6. An operating agreement will give you full control over your business conduct

Learn Which Elements Your LLC Operating Agreement in NJ Should Include

If you’d like to try to write an operating agreement in NJ by yourself, these are the sections you should include:

  1. Introductory info—records the name, purpose, and address of your LLC and the names of the members. This section should also include the effective date of the operating agreement
  2. LLC ownership—spells out the division of ownership in multi-member LLCs. If you want to run a single-member LLC, you don’t need this section
  3. LLC management—determines whether your LLC will be managed by the members or whether you’ll hire an appointed manager
  4. LLC members voting rights—describes the rules of voting. In most LLCs, every member has one vote, but some companies give the members who own a bigger percentage of the LLC more voting power
  5. Capital contributions—clarifies how much money every member has contributed to the LLC
  6. Distribution of profits—outlines how LLC profits or losses will be distributed to all members
  7. Membership structure changes—explains how ownership will be transferred if a member passes away or decides to leave the company
  8. LLC termination—describes the process of dissolving your LLC if you and the other members decide that you don’t want to continue conducting business

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