Online Divorce in PA Explained by DoNotPay

Online Divorce in PA From A to Z

Many couples are afraid of the pain and expense of divorce. Online divorce can at least help minimize the admin work around filing your divorce papers and starting the process.

We are here to help with your online divorce in PA! Rely on DoNotPay to learn how to file for divorce in Pennsylvania and create a divorce settlement agreement hassle-free!

How To Get a Cheap No-Fault Divorce in PA

The easiest and cheapest way to get divorced in Pennsylvania is to opt for a divorce that is:

  1. Without fault on either side
  2. Uncontested

Without Fault on Either Side

A no-fault PA divorce means that you do not have to prove that your spouse has committed any wrongdoing.

Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that you and your spouse can claim that your marriage has irretrievably broken down and that you wish to end it. You, your spouse, or both of you can make this claim—all three options are viable under PA law.


The simplest way to get a quick divorce without having to go to court and with no need for a lawyer is to opt for a PA uncontested divorce.

This means that your spouse accepts the:

  • Need for the divorce
  • Settlement agreement proposed

If you submit a signed settlement agreement that ticks all the boxes before your case is heard, the judge will check it to make sure that it is fair and equitable. Once the judge is satisfied that this is the case, your divorce will be granted.

Getting a no-fault, friendly divorce in Pennsylvania depends on your and your spouse’s willingness to work together to minimize time, costs, and trauma through an out-of-court settlement.

How Does Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in PA Work?

Filing for divorce is relatively easy in PA and can be done online. The steps you need to follow are:

Divorce Filing StepsExplanation
File a complaint for divorcePennsylvania provides a set of forms for you to fill out and file with the clerk of your local family court. Once you have filled them out, you can submit them in person, via mail, or online. The fee for filing divorce papers is around $330
Serve the papersAfter filing for divorce, you must wait 90 days before serving your spouse with the paperwork. Your spouse must acknowledge receipt of the documents and has 30 days to respond. The response should signify whether or not your spouse intends to contest the divorce
Draw up a settlement agreementDuring the 90-day vesting period, you and your spouse can prepare a settlement agreement that sets out how your marriage should be dissolved. If you can agree on a settlement, your agreement can be filed with the court as part of your uncontested divorce papers

What Should the Divorce Settlement Agreement Contain?

Your divorce settlement agreement should clarify exactly how you and your partner intend to divide up your responsibilities after your divorce. It should contain the following elements:

Your settlement agreement needs to be comprehensive enough for a judge to be satisfied that your divorce is fair and equitable and that any children will be looked after adequately.

Where Can You Get a Divorce Settlement Agreement Drawn Up?

Preparing your divorce settlement agreement requires care but doesn’t need to be expensive. Your options for getting your agreement drafted are as follows:

  1. Lawyer
  2. Online
  3. DoNotPay


Many couples automatically think of lawyers when they contemplate divorce, and leaving everything in the hands of your respective attorneys may seem like the safest option to make sure your settlement is watertight.

If you and your spouse agree on the details of your settlement, a lawyer may be an unnecessary and expensive option. Pennsylvania lawyers charge $250 an hour on average, and uncontested divorces can easily cost $4,000 in lawyers’ fees.

If you and your spouse can agree on your settlement without a lawyer, drafting the agreement is relatively simple. Even if there are some details to iron out, you may be able to avoid attorney costs by submitting to mediation. A PA mediator can help you reach a mutually acceptable resolution to your differences without the process costing the earth.


The cheapest option to get a divorce settlement agreement is to source an online template and fill it out. While this avoids a lot of expense, you need to be careful. Many online offerings are highly generic, meaning that they:

  • May not cover the points your need to be included in your settlement
  • Might not be valid in a Pennsylvania court


DoNotPay can offer the best of both worlds—a that ticks all your boxes without you having to pay for a lawyer!

How Does DoNotPay’s Solution Work?

DoNotPay is your partner in helping to keep your online divorce as easy as possible. Having filed your papers online, served them electronically, and negotiated your settlement via videoconferencing, you can finalize the process by getting your settlement agreement online from DoNotPay!

Our Divorce Settlement Agreement feature gives you a tailor-made and legally valid agreement in a few clicks—here’s how to get it:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Go to our Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  3. Answer our questions

DoNotPay will take it from there—in a few seconds, your custom settlement agreement will be ready. All you need to do is print it, sign it together with your spouse, and have it notarized. If you don’t want to waste time searching for a notary in your area, DoNotPay can help you out with our online notarization service!

Where Can You Get More Detail About Divorce in PA?

DoNotPay has specific info on several counties and cities in Pennsylvania—here are a few examples:

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