All About Omaha Correctional Center and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate All About Omaha Correctional Center and Contacting Inmates

Easily Stay Connected with Omaha Correctional Center Inmates

Having a loved one incarcerated is difficult for not only the person but their entire family. It can be tough to stay in touch with someone, even though the facility itself is a good one, like the).

This facility opened in 1984 with the ability to hold up to 240 inmates. In 1986, it gained the title of being accredited by the American Correctional Association. It has also grown in the years since its opening and now can hold more than 665 male inmates that require minimum or medium-security prison systems.

Though relatively small by some prison standards, it still may be difficult for you to connect with or write to a loved one who is there. DoNotPay can help you make that task a little easier by providing you with all the information you need to successfully contact the person you need to connect with.

Everything You Need to Know About Contacting Omaha Correctional Center

 is in East Omaha. It is just south of Eppley Field in Douglas County. The warden is Barb Lewien, and the public information officer is Rob Britten, who can be reached via email at

You can travel to the facility by searching for 2323 Avenue J., Omaha, NE, 68110. However, if you want to contact someone at the jail, you will need to go about it a little differently. Some key contact information about the OCC is:

Physical addressOmaha Correctional Center

2323 Ave "J"PO Box 11099

Omaha, NE 68110

Phone number(402) 595-3963
Inmate Mailing AddressOCCPO Box 2280 Lincoln, NE 68542

Writing a letter to an inmate is not promoted by the Omaha Correctional Center. If you would like to discover how to write a letter to an inmate, you will need to focus most of your attention on email, phone calls, and more.

How to Contact Inmates at Omaha Correctional Center

There are two most used means of contacting an inmate at the Omaha Correctional Center. One option is to visit, and the other is to use the services of JPay. Both are good options that are easy to take advantage of, but some rules are attached to both.

Scheduling Visits

You must schedule your visitation at least seven days before your preferred date if you wish to visit. This will allow the OCC to approve your visit. You should have confirmation of approval a couple of days before the planned date.

You will need to fill out an online form to get the process started. Only approved visitors can be on the guest list. However, up to four adults and a reasonable number of kids can attend. You should arrive early to give yourself time for processing into the facility.

Visiting Hours are:

  • Sunday: 7:30a to 9:30a., 10a-12p., and 12:30p-2p.
  • Monday: None
  • Tuesday: None
  • Wednesday: 1p-3p, 3:30p.-5:30p., and 6p-8p.
  • Thurs: 1p-3p, 3:30p.-5:30p., and 6p-8p.
  • Friday: 1p-3p, 3:30p.-5:30p., and 6p-8p.
  • Saturday: 7:30a to 9:30a., 10a-12p., and 12:30p-2p.

When filling out the form, you should be prepared to provide:

  1. Whether You Are an Approved Visitor
  2. Your Name
  3. Your Address
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Your Phone Number
  6. Information about Other Visitors Who May Join You (name, email, phone for adults. For kids, names and ages)
  7. The Inmate's Name
  8. The Inmate's NDCS ID Number
  9. And the Date You Hope to Visit

When visiting, you should be mindful of the fact that your clothing and anything you may carry can impede your ability to visit with your loved one. Clothing should not be revealing or offensive. You should not wear hats, headbands, watches, exercise trackers, etc. Those items should be left at home.

JPay Services

For a fee, JPay can make it easy for you to send money to an inmate and connect with them on a more personal level, even if you are distanced by location. You can use the service to:

Please note: If sending pictures or a videogram, you should avoid using hand signs or showing illegal activities, nudity, sexual gestures, social media text or images, etc.

The only other way to have contact with an inmate at the OCC is to have them call you. You are not permitted to call them. Their phone calls to you will be collect calls, and their price can be several dollars for just a few minutes of talk time.

Is It Hard to Use the Services to Contact an Inmate?

Visiting an inmate can be difficult due to the space between you and Omaha, Nebraska. However, though the other services seem easy enough, this doesn't always make them ideal.

JPay can be expensive if you use their services often. You must worry about what may be seen in the background of your photographs and videograms, since a child walking by in their underwear during a video could mean you lose out on money or risk being blocked from the service.

Who wants to risk it? Or risk losing their money because they failed to notice a problem?

If you want to avoid some costs and simplify getting into contact with your loved one, DoNotPay can assist you. You can easily use the Connect with an Inmate feature if you have the inmate's ID and the prison's name. If you are unsure of the information, we can:

  • Locate inmates through our easy Search Tools
  • Send physical letters to the inmate
  • Receive replies from inmates through our virtual mailbox.

Our services are affordable and secure. They are designed to help you stay in contact with someone who is, by misfortune, away from you.

DoNotPay Simplifies Connecting with Inmates at the Omaha Correctional Center

With DoNotPay, you are minutes away from contacting your incarcerated loved one. There are no invasive forms to fill out and no wait for your letters to get through the system and into your loved one's hands.

All you have to do is:

  1. Locate the Connect With an Inmate service on DoNotPay.


  2. Choose whether you want to locate a loved one, create a virtual mailbox, or send a personalized letter.


  3. If you want us to find your loved one, provide his or her personal details and the state they are located in. We'll then conduct a search on the appropriate state database.


  4. If you want to create a virtual mailbox, just provide your full name! We'll set one up for you so you can easily receive incoming mail from your loved one.


  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo! Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait 10 days for it to arrive to your loved one!


H2: What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

At DoNotPay, we strive to make complicated situations much simpler for you to handle. Therefore, we can help you with contacting inmates at the Omaha Correctional Center and much more. Some of our other services include:

  1. Traffic Ticket or Parking Ticket Disputes
  2. Scheduling Appointments with the DMV
  3. Stop You from Being Harassed or Stalked Ending Spam Messages or Emails
  4. Checking Qualifications for Clinical Trials
  5. Speeding Up Customer Services

No matter what you need for us to handle, we have you covered in the easiest, fastest, and most secure way possible. To learn more about our many services or to get help contacting your loved one, you can visit us online, anytime. We are always here to help.

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