How To Draw Up a Valid Oklahoma Lease Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draw Up a Valid Oklahoma Lease Agreement

Draw Up a Killer Oklahoma Lease Agreement Fast

When renting an apartment or house in Oklahoma, the best way to find a common language and keep a solid relationship with the landlord is to create a lease agreement

This legal document fortifies the terms and regulations of the landlord-tenant relationship and safeguards both parties’ rights. With all legal intricacies involved, people rarely dare to engage in the complicated procedure of writing a contract on their own.

If you believe that only a pricey lawyer can help you, we will prove you wrong by giving you useful tips for getting your Oklahoma lease agreement in a heartbeat! Learn how to get the legal document you need fast without attorneys or bland online contract templates!

Why Are Lease Agreements Important in Oklahoma?

Unlike verbal agreements, which are risky and quite difficult to prove, written lease agreements benefit both concerned entities. They are useful because they:

  • Solidify a verbal deal between a landlord and tenant
  • Help both parties prevent miscommunication
  • Offer a better understanding of each parties’ duties and interests
  • Can be used as a valid piece of evidence in court if the other party breaks the rules

Do Residential Lease Agreements Require Notarization?

Lease agreements in Oklahoma usually need only the signatures of the landlord and tenant to come into effect. This means that in most cases, notarization isn’t necessary. There are some exceptions, such as when the landlord authorizes another person to sign the agreement on their behalf.

What Disclosures Does a Lease Agreement in Oklahoma Require?

Most U.S. states have laws that establish landlord-tenant relationship rules. In Oklahoma, these terms and conditions are regulated by Title 41 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The parties have the right to include any disclosure they want in the contract as long as it complies with state regulation.

Here are the basic components you shouldn’t miss while creating your contract:

Recommended DisclosuresMandatory disclosures
  1. Legal names of the signing parties or the name of the authorized person who acts on the landlord’s behalf
  2. Addresses and contact details of the signing parties
  3. Birth dates of all occupants
  4. Tenants’ emergency contact list
  5. Start date of the lease
  6. End date of the lease
  7. Full physical address of the property
  8. Property description
  9. Legal use of the premises
  10. Rent details—amount, address to which the tenant(s) should send the money, due date, late and NSF fee amount, etc.
  11. Unpaid rent notice
  12. Security deposit details
  13. Sublease option
  14. Pet policy and potential pet deposits or restrictions
  15. Smoking policy
  16. Guest policy
  17. Noise policy
  18. Repairs
  19. Other optional disclosures
    • Mold
    • Asbestos
    • Bed bugs
    • Shared utilities
    • Medical marijuana use
    • Move-in checklist
  20. Homeowner’s association
  21. Renter’s insurance
  22. Lease termination conditions
  23. Rule violation penalties
  24. Signatures of all concerned parties
  25. Date of signing
  1. Lead-based paint—only for the properties built before 1978 
  2. Flood—for any property that was flooded in the last five years
  3. Methamphetamine disclosure—for the properties that have been used for the production of this substance

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