How Much Does Oklahoma Jury Duty Pay?

A Quick and Easy Guide to Oklahoma Jury Duty Pay

All states offer compensation for serving on a jury, which is a crucial civic responsibility.

How much you’ll be compensated depends on the state that summoned you to act as a juror. Some states also stipulate that an employer mustn’t withhold a part of your wages during this time.

Are you worried about Oklahoma jury duty pay? This easy-to-follow guide will answer your question and show you how jury duty works and how to prepare for jury duty if you are summoned.

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Oklahoma Jury Duty—A Brief Summary

Jury duty is a legal obligation for all citizens, and you can face severe consequences for not responding to a summons, including:

  1. Paying a fine of up to $500
  2. Being held in contempt of court

Do I Qualify for Jury Duty in Oklahoma?

To be called for jury duty in Oklahoma, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Oklahoma resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be of legal age (18 or over)
  • Have no criminal record for perjury, felony, or murder
  • Be of sound mind

Can I Be Called for Jury Duty Repeatedly?

If you’ve been called to jury duty repeatedly, know that you’re not obligated to serve more than once every two years. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure a fresh pool of jurors in the selection process.

How Much Will I Be Paid for Serving on a Jury in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you will be compensated $20 for each day of attendance as a juror. You may also be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses, but the exact amount is left to the court’s discretion.

On average, you’ll get $120 a week for state jury duty—a token compensation likely smaller than what you’d earn during a standard working week.

If you’re on federal jury duty, the government will issue compensation of a different amount:

Attendance on the jury$50
Travel cost$0.58

The state can also issue additional compensation for:

  • Parking fees
  • Lodgings

Whether you’re serving on a state or federal jury, your payment will be mailed to you in 2–3 weeks.

Does an Employer Have To Pay Me My Full Wages While I’m Doing Jury Duty?

No provisions of Oklahoma state laws require an employer to pay you wages for the time you spend on a jury. They are only required to allow you unpaid time off. To be granted jury duty leave, you will need to show the summons to your employer.

Your boss cannot fire or penalize you for not attending work because of jury service. They also cannot demote you or request that you use annual or sick leave to fulfill your jury duty.

If an employer punishes you, they could be tried for a misdemeanor.

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