Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program Explained

Compensation for Victims of Crime Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program Explained

Can You Apply for Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation?

Violent crime victims and their loved ones shouldn’t have to struggle with unexpected expenses caused by a crime. If you or your family member was a victim of a violent crime in Oklahoma, you should consider applying for the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program. The program will help you deal with the medical, funeral, and counseling bills so that you can have enough time to heal without worrying about money.

Applying for most crime victims compensation programs can be complicated, which is why you should use DoNotPay and apply for victim compensation in a flash. 

Learn About the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program

The Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program covers medical, funeral, counseling, and other crime-related costs for:

  1. Victims who suffered physical injuries and psychological trauma because of a crime 
  2. Dependants of a homicide victim 
  3. An individual authorized to act on a victim’s behalf

The funding for victims of violent crimes in Oklahoma comes from:

The highest compensation amount that a victim can receive is $20,000 or $40,000 for catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Severe injuries to the spine, brain, spinal cord
  • Fractures of the skull or spinal column

Like in any other state, the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program is considered a “last resort.” You can apply for the program only if other sources fail to cover all your crime-related expenses. Those sources can be:

  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Employer-paid leave programs
  • Social Security benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation

Apply for Crime Victims Compensation in Oklahoma in a Jiffy With DoNotPay

A high percentage of violent crime victims and their family members don’t know that crime victims compensation programs exist, which is why not many people apply. Those who are familiar with the programs avoid applying because they don’t understand the application process. 

If you’ve been postponing your application because the procedure is too complicated, DoNotPay is here to help you out! Our app enables you to apply for compensation programs for any violent crime, including terrorist attacks and domestic violence.

Follow these steps to file your Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program application in no time:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Open our Compensation for Crime Victims product
  3. Specify whether you’re the victim or another claimant 
  4. Respond to our questions and verify your signature

DoNotPay will fill out the application for you and send it to the District Attorneys' Office. You can use our app to apply for crime victims compensation programs in any state, including:

What Are the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Requirements?

To qualify for the victims compensation for a crime that took place in Oklahoma, you need to fulfill certain conditions. You need to:

  • Have filed a police report in the first 72 hours—The Crime Victims Compensation Board can make exceptions for:
    • Child victims
    • Adult victims if the Board finds good cause for failure to file a report within 72 hours of the incident
  • Apply for the compensation program within a year of the crime—The Board can waive this period in some cases
  • Cooperate with law enforcement 

What Costs Does the Crime Victims Compensation Program in Oklahoma Cover?

Check out the following table to see which costs the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Program covers:

Compensable ExpensesCompensable Amount Limits

Medical and dental exams:

    • Service fees
    • Products
    • Accommodations for medical care
80% of the maximum allowance of $20,000 or $40,000 for catastrophic injuries


    • Physical and psychological therapy
    • Rehabilitative occupational training
    • Other remedial care and treatment
  • Funeral, cremation, or burial costs
  • Future economic loss
Not specified
  • Income loss due to crime-related injuries
  • Loss of support for dependents of homicide victims
Not specified
  • Counseling for victims
$3,000 (the Board can waive the limit in special circumstances)
  • Grief counseling with a qualified counselor
$3,000 per family member 
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Replacement services
Not specified
  • Traditional American Indian services—reimbursement for burial ceremonies and traditional healing for American Indian victims
$7,500 for burial expenses, including gifting

$3,000 for healing services for injured victims and for family members in a case of a homicide

What Happens After You File an Application for Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation?

Once the District Attorneys' Office receives your application, they will collect information, write a verification report, and send it to central staff. The staff will:

  • Review the file
  • Determine your eligibility
  • Make a decision for claims lower than $10,000

The Crime Victims Compensation Board handles claims that exceed $10,000. If your application gets rejected, you have 30 days from being informed to file an appeal with the Crime Victims Compensation Board. Should you be unhappy with the Board’s decision, your next step should be to file an appeal in District Court.

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