How To Apply for Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation

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How To Apply for Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Effortlessly

If you’re a victim of a violent crime in Ohio or a family member of the victim, you’re probably dealing with many unexpected costs. Handling high medical or funeral bills is a challenge for most people, especially when coping with a traumatic event. The Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program can help you cover your expenses and concentrate on healing instead.

Learn how to apply for violent crime victims compensation in Ohio in a matter of minutes with DoNotPay’s help.

Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program Explained

The Crime Victims Compensation Program in Ohio helps victims of violent crimes—such as homicide, domestic violence, and sexual assault—and their family members cover crime-related costs. As opposed to most states where compensation applications are reviewed by the Crime Victims Compensation Board, the program in Ohio is administered by the Ohio Attorney General.

The State of Ohio’s Crime Victim Compensation Program receives money from:

  1. The Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant
  2. Offender fines (felony, misdemeanor, and license-reinstatement for drunk driving)

You should apply for victims compensation if your other collateral sources—including restitution, Medicaid, and similar—fail to cover all expenses.

In most states, victims need to:

  • Report the crime to the police in the first 72 hours
  • Apply for compensation within two or three years of filing a police report

When it comes to Ohio, you can report the crime to the police and apply for the Crime Victims Compensation Program whenever you want.

The application process can be confusing, which is why DoNotPay has developed an easy-to-use product to help you .

DoNotPay Can Help You Apply for Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program in a Flash

Most victims or their family members aren’t aware that crime victims compensation funds and programs exist, which is why a small percentage of individuals apply. The second reason is the not-so-user-friendly application procedure that can be challenging for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

According to a College of Criminal Justice report, only around 200,000 victims in the U.S. apply for these benefits each year. This is a low number considering that a 2018 report shows that there were around six million violent crime victims in America that year.

DoNotPay’s Compensation for Crime Victims product assists victims of any violent crime—including domestic violence and terrorist attacks—in applying for compensation programs in under five minutes. If you’d like to try out our product, and do the following:

  1. Open Compensation for Crime Victims
  2. Indicate whether you’re:
    • The victim
    • A family member of the victim
  3. Respond to all our questions
  4. Verify your signature

DoNotPay will complete your application and send it to the appropriate office in Ohio or any other state, including:

Who Qualifies for Victims of Crime Compensation in Ohio?

The following table shows who qualifies for the Crime Victims Compensation Program in Ohio and who doesn’t:

Eligible To Receive CompensationNot Eligible To Receive Compensation
  • Victims of violent crimes who suffered crime-related injuries
  • Dependants of victims that passed away as a result of a crime
  • Parents, guardians, or other claimants who are responsible for the expenses of a crime victim
  • Victims or claimants who:
    • Reported the crime to the police
    • Cooperate with law enforcement during the investigation
  • Offenders and their accomplices
  • Victims who engaged in a felony offense within ten years before the crime
  • Victims who participated in the crime that caused the injuries

What Costs Does Crime Victims Compensation in Ohio Cover?

The total payments of the Crime Victims Compensation Program in Ohio can’t exceed $50,000 per claim. Here’s an overview of all compensable expenses and the maximum compensable amounts:

Compensable CostsMaximum Compensable Amount
Medical examination$50,000
Mental health counseling$50,000 for the first victim

$2,500 for every family member as long as the total amount doesn’t exceed $7,500

Lost wages and supportNot specified
MovingNot specified
Replacement services (housekeeping and childcare)Not specified
Crime scene cleanup and service repairs$750
Evidence replacement (car, clothing, and similar)$750
Travel for medical treatmentNot specified
RehabilitationNot specified
Attorney fees for appeals$1,000

The compensation program doesn’t cover costs for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged property

How To Appeal a Response to Your Crime Victims Compensation Application

If you’re not happy with the approved compensated amount or your application got rejected, you can file an appeal with the Ohio Court of Claims. You should send an appeal letter within 30 days of being informed about the Attorney General Office’s decision. The judge will make the final decision regarding your appeal.

To find out more about the appeal process, you can contact the Ohio Court of Claims by:

  • Calling (614) 466-6480
  • Sending a fax to (614) 644-8553
  • Sending a letter to Ohio Judicial Center, 65 Front St., 4th floor, Columbus, OH 43215

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