Ohio Power of Attorney—The Scoop

Create a Power of Attorney Ohio Power of Attorney—The Scoop

Ohio Power of Attorney—All the Info You Need

If you want to create a power of attorney (POA) in the Buckeye State and appoint a person to act in your stead, you don’t need to hire a lawyer to do so. You can turn to DoNotPay and have your Ohio power of attorney ready in a few minutes!

What Constitutes a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a document that one person (the principal) uses to give some decision-making powers to another individual (the agent or attorney-in-fact). Specific POA types deal with different kinds of authority an attorney-in-fact gets upon the signing of the document.

Types of Power of Attorney in Ohio

If you live in Ohio, you can create a few different powers of attorney types. The following options are available:

  1. General POA
  2. Durable POA
  3. Springing POA
  4. Limited POA
  5. Financial POA

How Does an Ohio General Power of Attorney Work?

A general power of attorney is the best choice if the principal anticipates being out of the state for a while. The principal can appoint an agent to take care of different tasks on their behalf. A general POA does not let the agent have any powers in case the principal becomes incapacitated.

How Does an Ohio Durable Power of Attorney Work?

Once the parties sign a durable POA, this document comes into effect right away. A durable POA is different from a general one because the agent has the authority to make decisions and complete tasks even after the principal becomes mentally or physically disabled.

How Does a Springing POA Work in Ohio?

If you decide to make a springing POA, the document will come into effect only if or when the principal becomes incapacitated. That is the main difference between this POA and the durable and general type.

How Does a Limited POA Work in Ohio?

A limited POA gives the agent limited powers over what they can do in the principal’s stead. This document is often time-limited and allows the agent to make decisions only for a specified period.

How Does an Ohio Financial Power of Attorney Work?

A financial POA is used when the principal wants to give the agent powers to handle financial matters. This means that the agent will be in charge of taxes, paychecks, and mortgages, for example.

Who Can Be Your POA Agent in Ohio?

The principal can choose anyone they like to be their agent in Ohio as long as they are adults. This can be a spouse, child, or a close friend, but you need to be certain they are reliable and trustworthy.

In Ohio, you can also pick one of the following people to have authority over the activities you name in your POA document:

  • Coagent—You will have two agents at the same time
  • Successor agent—This person will act as an agent in case something happens to the primary one
  • Second successor agent—They take over in case the successor agent decides they no longer wish to perform their duties

Agent Duties and Powers

Depending on the POA type and the principal’s decision, an attorney-in-fact can take on a different set of tasks. Take a look at the table below for more information:

The Duties of an Agent Are To:An Agent May Be Tasked With:
  • Act loyally and with care and diligence
  • Avoid conflicts that could affect their ability to act in the principal’s best interest
  • Keep a record of all receipts, transactions, and disbursements
  • Handling real estate
  • Taking care of insurance and annuities
  • Handling retirement plans
  • Paying taxes
  • Managing stock and bond transactions
  • Operating a business
  • Dealing with claims and litigation
  • Caring about the principal’s family
  • Taking care of estates and trusts

When Does a POA End in Ohio?

A power of attorney in Ohio may end if:

Create a Durable Power of Attorney in Ohio With DoNotPay

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