All-Important Details: Obtain an Ohio Fishing License

What You Need to Know About Obtaining an Ohio Fishing License

There are many opportunities to fish in Ohio for recreation or for obtaining inexpensive, ethically caught fish to eat. Whether you want to fish on the Ohio River on Lake Erie, or one of the many other public lakes, streams or rivers, you will need an .

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Who Needs an Ohio Fishing License?

Anyone aged 16 or older is required to have an  to do the following:

  • Take fish from Ohio waters
  • Take frogs or turtles on public or private property
  • Fish in privately owned ponds, lakes or reservoirs that are open to public fishing to agreement/lease with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife
  • Members of the U.S. Armed forces on active duty stationed in Ohio who are not on leave or furlough

There are a few exemptions to having a standard Ohio fishing license, which includes:

  • Ohio residents on Free Fishing Days
  • Ohio residents born on/before December 31, 1937
  • Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty while on leave or furlough

What Are the Different Types of Fishing Licenses?

There are different types of fishing licenses, and tourists, casual fishers, and avid fishers will have different needs. The most typical licenses include:

Youth Licenses

While individuals under the age of 16 are not required to have a fishing license, it may be beneficial to buy a Resident Youth Lifetime License for $430.56.

Resident Licenses

Resident licenses are available as a daily license or in various yearly increments. The multiyear licenses allow Ohio residents to lock in rates and avoid transaction fees during the length of their license. 

Resident 1-Day License$14.00
Resident 1-Year Upgraded from a 1-Day License$12.00
Resident 1-Year License$25.00
Resident 3-Year License$72.11
Resident 5-Year License$120.18
Resident 10-Year License$240.36
Resident Lifetime License$599.04

The one-day fishing license may be applied as credit toward the purchase of an annual license. 

Resident Senior Licenses

Seniors are eligible for discounted licensing. 

Resident 1-Year License$10.00
Resident 3-Year License$27.04
Resident 5-Year License$45.07
Resident Lifetime License$84.24

Nonresident Licenses

Nonresidents have one additional choice for a short-term license, but cannot obtain a multiyear license. 

Nonresident 1-Day License$14.00
Nonresident 1-Year License Upgraded from a 1-Day$37.44
Nonresident 3-Day License$25.00
Nonresident 1-Year License$50.96

The one-day fishing license may be applied as credit toward the purchase of an annual license.

How to Apply for Your Ohio Fishing License on Your Own

There are a few places to apply for an Ohio fishing license.

When visiting Ohio's DNR website and choosing the option "Buy Your Fishing License," the most apparent and seemingly preferred choice, is to buy your license online.


  1. Go to the OH Department of Natural Resources "Buy Your Fishing License" page. You will find links to Ohio's fishing regulations and other important information on this page. You can verify that you are applying for the correct license and are complying with the law.
  2. Click the green button to Purchase Your Fishing License Online. It will take you to the ODNR Division of Wildlife License Sales website.
  3. Click on "Purchase" License and Permits.
  4. Continue reading the information presented to make sure you understand. Click on the blue "Continue" button
  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions for either existing customers or new customers.
  6. It is important to fill out all information correctly, submit any required documentation, and pay all fees in a timely manner to get your licensing approved in a timely manner.

Standard Application

Some Ohio residents are eligible for a free license but must submit a formal application (Form DNR 9032). These applications can be found in PDF format on the Buy Your Fishing License page or by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543). These residents include:

  • Persons that are mobility impaired and require assistance from another person to cast/retrieve
  • Individuals with a veteran license plate that displays the international wheelchair symbol
  • Certain veterans who are permanently disabled
  • Former prisoners of war
  • Residents of state and county institutions


To find a licensing agent, you can go to this website and launch their mapping app. You can try to find a local location to purchase your fishing license.

By App

You can download Ohio's app, HuntFish OH. Create an account and follow all instructions step-by-step to ensure you are applying correctly.

Other Options

Otherwise, you are encouraged to contact the DNR with questions if you need assistance.

  • Phone: 1-800-WILDLIFE
  • Email:

What Happens if You Can’t Get Your Ohio Fishing License on Your Own?

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