Complete an Ohio BMV Power of Attorney Form in Minutes

Create a Power of Attorney Complete an Ohio BMV Power of Attorney Form in Minutes

The Ohio BMV Power of Attorney From A to Z

Authorizing someone to make a trip to the BMV in your stead and handle your vehicle-related issues requires a power of attorney document.

If you want to know what an Ohio BMV power of attorney should contain and how to execute it lawfully, DoNotPay has the answers. We will also show you all possible ways to create other powers of attorney and recommend the most practical one!

What Is an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Power of Attorney?

A BMV power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows the vehicle owner (principal) to designate someone (an agent) to represent them before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The purpose of the document is to enable the agent to apply for and receive a vehicle title on behalf of the owner.

A BMV power of attorney can come in handy when the vehicle owner has to apply for the title or registration in due time but can’t manage to do it themselves.

How To Fill Out an Ohio BMV Power of Attorney Form

If you want to authorize someone to apply for a car title in your name, you must download an Ohio BMV power of attorney form—otherwise known as the 3771 form. The table below contains a detailed description of the form and guidelines for filling out each paragraph:

Ohio BMV Power of Attorney SectionDetails
Agent’s informationThis section identifies the agent and specifies that they get the authorization to:

  • Operate
  • Take action with the vehicle
  • Make decisions about the vehicle

The first row in the form should contain the agent’s:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name

The second row should outline the agent’s:

  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
Details from the principalThis section contains a statement requiring the principal to enter their:

  • Signature
  • Date and execution of the document
  • Social Security number
Vehicle informationThe paragraph starts by announcing that the principal will include the following vehicle information:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Serial number
AcknowledgmentThe last section is reserved for the notary’s public signature, stamp, and seal

You can get the Ohio 3771 form at any Ohio BMV location or download it from the Ohio BMV’s official website.

Does a Power of Attorney for the Ohio BMV Have To Be Notarized?

The BMV 3771 form has to be notarized to be considered valid. Make sure not to sign the document beforehand—you have to provide your signature in the notary’s public presence, or you will likely have to repeat the process.

What Other Types of POA Can You Create in Ohio?

You can use a power of attorney for many purposes and in various situations. Take a look at the brief descriptions of all powers of attorney you may need or want to create during your lifetime:

  1. General—By creating a general POA, a person can appoint someone to handle any and all of their affairs. Unless revoked beforehand, it typically expires after the principal dies or becomes incapacitated
  2. Durable—This POA stays in effect or becomes effective after the principal becomes incapacitated
  3. Limited—The agent’s authorization to decide on the principal’s behalf is limited by time or scope
  4. Springing—This document takes effect after a triggering event, e.g., if a principal becomes incapacitated
  5. Financial—The principal authorizes the agent to manage their financial affairs, such as taxes, investments, and real estate transactions
  6. Medical—The agent gets the authorization to decide on the principal’s health care once they become incapacitated

Need a Power of Attorney in Ohio? DoNotPay Comes to the Rescue!

Creating any power of attorney is a complex task. Apart from learning the specifics of each power of attorney type, you have to be familiar with particular state regulations and follow them to a T.

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  1. Navigate to DoNotPay using any web browser
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  3. Provide essential details, including:
    1. POA type you want us to create
    2. Agent’s personal details
    3. Your state of residence
  4. Indicate whether you want to have the document notarized

Once you complete the steps, our app will generate a power of attorney and connect you to an online notary. You can schedule a meeting at a convenient time and finish the whole process without leaving your chair!

If you want to brush up on your powers of attorney knowledge, consult our learning center and find answers to the following questions:

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