Quick Reporting with Odessa Animal Control

Animal Control Quick Reporting with Odessa Animal Control

What You Need to Know About Odessa Animal Control

Dogs and other animals can be cute, cuddly, friendly, and excellent companions. They can also be unpredictable, uncontrollable, or even dangerous. When dealing with dog bites, animal attacks, or aggressive animals, it is important to file reports with animal control to protect others from attacks, and to have a record on file should you need it in the future. If you need assistance from Odessa Animal Control or want to report an animal attack, DoNotPay can help.

Learn How Odessa Animal Control Serves Odessa, Texas

Odessa's Animal Control is an entity of the Odessa Police Department. It is officially The Odessa Police Animal Control, Field Operations Division. They provide a variety of animal-related services to the community, including:

  • Investigating and preventing animal bites
  • Investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty
  • Wildlife control
  • Removing unwanted animals through humane trapping
  • Zoonotic disease control/education
  • Various other animal-related issues

Odessa Animal Control: Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Animal attacks and aggressive animals should be reported promptly.

Address910 W 42nd St., Odessa, TX 79764
Phone Number432-368-3527

Emergency: 911

EmailJoe Barreraz, Field Operations Manager: jbarreraz@odessa-tx.gov

William Carpenter, Field Operations Supervisor: wcarpenter@odessa-tx.gov

Hours of OperationSunday and Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday and Thursday

10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Outside Hours

During holidays or after hours, there is an emergency officer on duty for emergency calls only.

Non-Emergency Animal IssuesInside Odessa City limits - Contact Odessa Police Dispatch 432-333-3641

Ector County issues - Contact Ector County Sheriff's Office 432-335-3535

What to Do if You Suffer an Animal Attack in Odessa, Texas

If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, there are several things you need to do.

  1. Immediately treat the wound - animal bites and scratches can lead to infections.
  1. For minor wounds - wash with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment, and cover with a bandage.
  2. For deep wounds - apply pressure with a clean cloth and seek medical attention.
  3. Strays or wild animals - anything that breaks the skin can pose a risk for infection, so wounds from animals that are unvaccinated or prone to carrying rabies should be monitored. Call your physician for advice or seek medical attention.
  1. Exchange contact information with animal owners. If they are unavailable or uncooperative, you may need to note their address or license plate or get information from neighbors or witnesses.
  2. Document the wounds - photograph all bites, bruises, scrapes, and scratches. Note the sizes, colors, and keep note of any infections, etc.
  3. Report the incident to Odessa Animal Control. Filing a report can potentially prevent others from being attacked, and gives you a paper trail if you need it to sue or request compensation.
  4. File a police report with the Odessa Police Department. If you plan to sue for dog bite injuries, you'll want to have your paperwork in order.
  5. Consult a personal injury lawyer. If recovering from a dog attack includes costly medical bills or lost wages, you may need a lawyer experienced with dog bite cases to help you understand your rights and to seek compensation. It might be a tedious process, but it is one to consider for serious dog attacks.

DoNotPay Can Quickly File Your Reports With Odessa Animal Control

Although filing a dog bite report can be tedious, it is important. DoNotPay can quickly file the report and send a demand letter to the owner for compensation to save you time and stress. DoNotPay can help you through the entire process efficiently.

How to report an animal-related incident on DoNotPay:

If you want to report an animal-related injury but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search "animal" on DoNotPay, find the Animal Control product, and select whether you've sustained a physical injury.


  2. Select whether you would like to report this incident to your local government agency, or demand compensation from the pet owner.


  3. Tell us more about the incident, including when and where you were injured, a description of the animal that caused the injury, and the contact information for the pet owner (if known).


And that's it! DoNotPay will file the demand letter or government report on your behalf with your incident details! You should hear back from them directly with further questions or confirmation regarding your demands.

Why Use DoNotPay for Your Animal Control Needs?

Our process is fast and easy. When you provide the relevant information, and we file the reports or issue a demand letter, you can rest assured that we are making the best case for a successful outcome. We do the work, you focus on healing.

Not only do we offer this service in Odessa, but we can also help you report animal injuries in any city or county across the country. From Miami to Los Angeles, to Atlanta, our services are available. Whether you get attacked at home or while traveling, from Texas to Pennsylvania, from Ohio to California, we can help. No matter what city, county, or state, we have you covered.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Filing reports of animal attacks is just one of the many things that DoNotPay can do for you. We also offer a variety of other services to save you time and stress, including:

No matter what problem or concern you have, DoNotPay can help today.

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