How to Negotiate Nursing Home Costs Effortlessly

Senior Living Assistance How to Negotiate Nursing Home Costs Effortlessly

How to Negotiate Nursing Home Costs Effortlessly

Knowing the living costs in an assisted living community is critical when searching for a nursing home. You want to ensure that your loved one gets personalized medical attention and daily routines that enhance their quality of life. But the search for a long-term care facility with affordable nursing home costs is not easy if you don't know where to start.

That's why DoNotPay was developed–to help you find the assisted living costs that suit your monthly budget. We will offer you the top 5 senior living communities that will serve you best, contact them to get the nursing home monthly cost, and even negotiate on your behalf so you can get a month's rent waiver on entry.

How Can You Negotiate the Cost of Senior Living Assistance?

Whether you're looking for memory care or a traditional nursing home, it is critical to have a negotiation strategy so you can make the most of your money. If you think you've gotten the right home but their costs are a bit steep for you, use the following tips to compel them to lower their average nursing home costs per month.

  1. Consider à la carte pricing

Many facilities offer packaged services with a single price and à la carte pricing, which means each service is priced separately. The latter provides more value because you only pay for the services you need. The bundled option may include services that your loved one doesn't require. Understand your loved one's needs and negotiate using the à la carte prices.

  1. Inquire about incentives

Never forget to ask about incentives. Many nursing homes incentivize their potential residents to move in when there are plenty of vacancies. Some incentives you may get include:

  • Discounted or free first month's rent
  • Waived entrance fees
  • Standardized rent, alleviating increases in the future
  1. Pay additional costs separately

Sometimes a long-term care facility might provide extra services besides the regular activities and routines. If you think the occasional service will benefit your loved one, you can talk to the management to contract that service on an as-needed basis.

Types of Senior Long-Term Care Facilities

People search for assisted living care for various reasons. Perhaps you're looking for a place where your loved one will get improved medical care or decent assisted living. It's essential to understand the types of long-term care facilities to find one that suits your loved one's needs.

Independent LivingAn independent living community caters to seniors who can live independently but require a neighborhood that promotes an active lifestyle among peers. The facility may feature apartment-style units where residents stay. An IL typically contracts a private company responsible for planning the residents' daily routines.
Assisted LivingIf your loved one requires support with basic everyday duties, an assisted living facility might be the best option for them. Such a community combines apartment-style housing and social interactions. They offer a range of physical assistance services, including eating, bathing, dressing, using the washroom, transportation, and medical management.
Skilled Nursing HomeA skilled nursing facility is a senior living community that provides 24-hour care services for seniors who cannot live independently. They only work with registered nurses and trained healthcare professionals to cater to residents with severe medical conditions or injuries.

Use DoNotPay to Get Affordable Nursing Home Costs

It's not easy looking for a facility with affordable assisted living costs, especially when you have a busy schedule. DoNotPay offers an easier and faster alternative to getting a community with pocket-friendly nursing home rates. We can help you with the five critical steps of searching for a long-term care home, including:

  • Finding the best homes near you – Depending on the type of senior assisted living you need, DoNotPay will search and offer the top 5 hoes that suit your needs within your locality. We also provide detailed information about each home, including the services, dining options, and testimonials.
  • Getting nursing home monthly costs – After identifying the right home for your loved one, we will contact the management to pull monthly costs that suit your budget. You won't spend long hours on the phone comparing rates.
  • Seeking more details about a home – You need more information on a long-term care facility than simply the type and nursing home rates. If you require in-depth details or have questions to ask, we'll contact the home again and seek the information for you.
  • Scheduling a tour – It's critical to visit the senior living community to experience the atmosphere, daily life and assess the meal plans. We can schedule a tour on your behalf, not randomly but based on your preferred date and time.
  • Cost negotiations – The first estimate a nursing facility provides is the standard rate, but they are often flexible and open to negotiations. We can draft a negotiation letter that you can present to the facility to compel them to waive entry fees or offer discounted nursing home monthly costs.

Additional information to help us tailor the search for a senior assisted living community include:

  • Name of home or location that you have in mind
  • Your monthly budget
  • For tours, we'll need your chosen date and time. If you have questions, please tell us about them, and we'll do the rest.
  • The contact information like name, phone number, and email address

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay advocates for you in a wide range of legal and social issues, and getting nursing home costs is one of them. Four other solutions that DoNotPay provides include:

  1. Robocall compensation
  2. Revocable living trust
  3. Accessing any company's customer service desk
  4. Help with monthly bills

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