How to Write a Notice of Breach of Contract

How to Write a Notice of Breach of Contract

When facing a breach of contract, it is crucial to act adequately and on time. If you do nothing, the violating party can walk away without consequences while you need to deal with significant losses. DoNotPay can help you take the first step toward resolving the issue by sending a notice of breach of contract. If the situation escalates further, we can also help you file a lawsuit in small claims court.

What Is a Breach-of-Contract Notice?

A breach-of-contract notice (also known as a demand letter) is a document that informs the other party that they have violated the agreement. This letter should explain why you believe there has been a breach and what actions should be taken next. The options usually include:

  • Fixing the problem
  • Ending the contract and getting compensation for damages

When Do You Need a Letter Regarding Breach of Contract?

You will need to draw up a demand letter if:

  • Vendors do not complete projects on time
  • Business partners fail to meet set objectives
  • Commercial retailers refuse to replace a faulty product
  • Customers do not process invoices
  • Insurance companies do not follow policy terms

What Information Should a Warning Letter for Breach of Contract Contain?

To convey the message clearly, the notice of breach of contract should be straightforward and concise. Avoid using demand letter templates available online because they are generic and will not suit your specific case. Here is a general overview of what a breach-of-contract notice should contain:

  • Contact information of the violating party
  • Introduction with a brief overview of the situation
  • Date of the contractual breach
  • Contract terms and laws the defendant broke
  • Damage description with line itemizations
  • Photocopies or scans of your evidence to support your claims
  • Solutions to end the dispute
  • Response date
  • Your plan for further legal action if the breaching party does not respond
  • Your signature

Use DoNotPay To Create a Demand Letter With Ease

Drafting the demand letter can turn out to be a complex task for a person without the required legal knowledge. To avoid making mistakes or wasting thousands of dollars on lawyers, you should delegate the task to DoNotPay. Our app can generate a breach-of-contract demand letter for you without trouble.

You only need to:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Choose the Client Breach of Contract product
  3. Answer the chatbot's questions about the client and the agreement between you
  4. Set a payment deadline for the client before you take further legal action
  5. Add photographic evidence if you have any

Breach-of-contract rules and regulations are state-specific, so it is essential to understand local laws. Check out the requirements for this legal document in your state:

ColoradoNew YorkIllinois
VirginiaNew JerseyOhio
South CarolinaNorth CarolinaFlorida

Possible Responses to the Notice of Breach

Once you’ve sent your notice of breach, you can expect one of these responses from the violating party:

  • Willingness to talk the issue over—This response is a solid start, but it still does not guarantee the defendant will act accordingly. You can either agree on the solution or take them to small claims court
  • Admitting the fault—The best possible option is when a breaching party recognizes the issue and is willing to solve it. In these situations, there is no need for further legal action
  • No response—If you don't get a reply within two weeks, you should send a second letter. In case there is still no response, you should consider escalating the issue
  • Not admitting the fault—The violating can deny breaching the agreement. If this is the case, you have no other option than to file a lawsuit

You should also learn about the potential defenses of breach of contract to deal with them efficiently.

Breach-of-Contract Lawsuit Requirements Explained

To make sure you have the grounds for a lawsuit, the court will require you to prove specific breach-of-contract elements, such as:

  • The existence of a valid contract
  • A material breach of contract
  • Evidence of the breach
  • Suffering damages due to the defendant’s actions

Sue the Defendant in Small Claims Court With DoNotPay

Once you’ve proven all the elements and got an unsatisfactory response from the violating party, it is time to file a breach-of-contract lawsuit. The easiest way to do this is by using DoNotPay to take the defendant to small claims court.

We received the Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access in 2020 for fighting against unreliable and unfair businesses and can help you with:

  1. Composing a demand letter
  2. Gathering the paperwork required for the lawsuit
  3. Filling out all the court forms
  4. Filing the complaint
  5. Creating a script with persuasive arguments to use during the court hearing

Breach-of-Contract Remedies You Can Expect

Once you’ve proved that a breach occurred, the court will find a suitable remedy for your case, including:

  • Compensatory damages
  • Restitution
  • Rescission
  • Injunctions
  • Specific performance

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