How To Find a Notary in Torrance Without Hassle

Notarize Documents How To Find a Notary in Torrance Without Hassle

Find a Notary in Torrance and Get Your Documents Notarized Swiftly

If you live in Torrance, California, you may be wondering where to find a local notary and what the notarization process entails.

DoNotPay is here to answer all your questions about booking a notary in Torrance. Read this article and find out how to get any document notarized effortlessly! 

What Can I Expect From a Notary Public in Torrance?

Notaries in California verify signatures on legal documents, such as wills, deeds, and affidavits. Notaries are in charge of:

  1. Confirming the signer’s identity—The signer has to provide a government-issued ID, a passport, or a driver’s license to prove they are who they say they are
  2. Determining the signers’ state of mind—Signers have to be mentally stable, aware of the document’s content, and willing to sign it
  3. Checking the document—The document mustn’t contain any blank spaces and needs to have a clear signature date
  4. Witnessing the document signing—The signer must sign the document in front of the notary. Notaries typically won’t notarize a previously signed document
  5. Providing a record of the notarization process—Notaries have to make a journal entry for every notarization
  6. Notarizing the document—The notary will put their signature and stamp on the document if everything is in order

What Are Common Notarization Services in Torrance?

Notaries in California are only allowed to notarize documents in person. That involves two options:

  1. Visiting a local notary
  2. Hiring a traveling (mobile) notary

If you opt for a traditional, in-person method, you will have to make an appointment and head to a local notary’s office. Regular notaries typically operate during business hours, and you may have a hard time adjusting to their schedule. 

Mobile notaries are a more practical option. They will travel to your home, office, or any other place convenient for you. You can have your documents notarized instantly but at a higher price—they charge for travel expenses.

How Much Do Torrance Notaries Charge?

Notaries in California charge for:

  • Taking an acknowledgment, proof, deed, or any other instrument—$15 for each signature
  • Executing a jurat—$15 for each signature, including the seal
  • Certifying a copy of a power of attorney—$15
  • Taking a deposition—$30 (additional $7 for administering an oath to the witness or getting a certificate for the deposition)
  • Copying a line item from the notary’s public journal—$0.30 per line item

There is no limit for mobile notaries’ travel charges, but the client has to agree to the price in advance. 

Where Can I Find a Notary in Torrance?

Different businesses and institutions often have a notary on-site, including:

  • Banks
  • AAA stores
  • UPS stores
  • Hotels
  • Law offices
  • Accountant offices
  • Libraries
  • Real estate agencies
  • Money transfer stores
  • Tax preparation firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Credit unions
  • Office supply stores

You should always check if the specific location has an in-house notary and if they can notarize your particular document.

The other option is to visit specific websites convenient for locating notary services in your area. Check out the most popular online databases in the table below:



YelpYelp not only contains notaries’ contact information but also ranks them according to customers’ experiences. 

You can see the users’ comments for each notary, which can help you make a decision

123notary.comThis comprehensive database displays contact information on many notary types, such as regular notaries, 24-hour notaries, mobile notaries, etc. 
American Association of NotariesYou can type in the city name and check the required boxes to narrow down your search. The website will display notaries’ names, contact information, and other details
American Society of NotariesThe website displays the list of local notaries according to your ZIP code 
Notary.netYou have to find Torrance on the map and click to see the information on local notaries

Can I Notarize Documents Online in Torrance?

If you want to get your documents notarized online in California, you have the option to hire an out-of-state, online notary. The document must be notarized according to the law of the state in which the notarial act is taking place. 

The out-of-state online notary will:

  1. Meet you via a video call
  2. Determine your identity online 
  3. Witness you e-signing the document
  4. Provide an electronic signature, stamp, and seal on the document 
  5. Record the session

This option is practical because you can have the document notarized without leaving your house. If online notarization sounds appealing, you should go with DoNotPay!

Find an Out-of-State Notary With DoNotPay

You don’t have to look for a notary by yourself if you subscribe to DoNotPay! We will connect you to an out-of-state online notary, provided you take a few simple steps first:

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  2. Upload the document you need to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address

We will send you a link via email. If you follow that link, you can schedule an appointment with the notary at the time that suits you best. The notary will send you the notarized document back in a jiffy.

Our app provides other advantages to its users. By paying a modest monthly fee, you can use other features, such as the:

  • Standardized Legal Documents tool—allows you to create various business, real estate, and other legal documents
  • Online Fax product—enables you to fax a document from your device after you create and notarize it

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