How To Notarize Documents With a Notary in Reading, PA

Notarize Documents How To Notarize Documents With a Notary in Reading, PA

Schedule a Meeting With a Notary in Reading, PA, Easily

Although time-consuming, the most common way of getting a document notarized in Pennsylvania is by visiting a notary in person. We’ll show you how to locate one and how to schedule an appointment with a notary in Reading, PA, easily.

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Notary in Reading, PA—Explained

Notaries in PA are public officials appointed by the government to prevent fraud and forgery by:

  1. Witnessing the signing of legal documents
  2. Verifying the signer’s identity

Notaries also check whether you’re of sound mind or under the influence of any substances when signing the documents. In such cases, or if there are missing pages or blank spaces in the documents that you want to get notarized, they won’t finish the procedure.

Pennsylvania laws don’t allow notaries to notarize documents if they can’t prove the identity of the signer, which means that no friends or relatives can bring your documents on your behalf. You also have to bring a document that proves your identity, such as your ID or driver’s license.

What Documents Can a Notary in Reading, PA, Notarize?

Documents, such as real property deeds, require notarization, whereas others don't. Getting your important documents signed and stamped by a notary public is always a good call because it provides an additional level of protection.

Check out the table below to see what documents a notary in Reading, PA, can notarize for you:

Documents That Should Be NotarizedDocuments That Don’t Require Notarization
  • Commercial lease agreement
  • Basic rental agreement
  • Lease termination agreement
  • Forbearance agreement
  • Roommate dorm agreement
  • Arbitration agreement
  • Month-to-month rental agreement

How Much Does a Notary in Reading, PA, Charge?

Notarization fees are not the same in every state. Some states set a maximum fee that a notary can charge you for a notarial act.

In Pennsylvania, the notarization fee is capped at $5 per signature. If you want to get more documents signed and notarized, you’ll have to pay from $1 to $5 for additional signatures.

Locating a Notary in Reading, PA

Searching for a notary can be overwhelming and confusing. We’ll help you cut the search in half by providing you with the most common methods of finding a notary in Reading, PA:

Browsing WebsitesVisiting Public Places
You can use various websites to locate the nearest notary office, including:

Another option is to visit public places that offer notary services. The common ones are:

Once you locate a notary, call them and schedule your appointment. You’ll have to gather the documents you want to notarize and bring your ID. Show up to your meeting at the scheduled time, and the notary will handle the rest.

The in-person notarization process can cause certain issues, such as being turned away in case you forget to bring your ID. To avoid wasting time and encountering such inconveniences, use an online notary service.

Online Notary Service—Benefits

Getting your documents notarized online saves you time and helps you avoid unnecessary stress. The main benefit of online notary services is that you can finish the process from any location.

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  3. Upload the documents you want to notarize and give us your email address

Once you're done, we will send you a link to the email address you provided. You will be able to schedule your meeting right away, and the best part is that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home! The whole process will be done virtually.

Looking for More Notary-Related Info? We Got You Covered!

If you’re looking for additional info regarding notary services, here are some of the common questions that DoNotPay answers:

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  2. Where can I find a notary?
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  5. Does a contract need to be notarized?

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