How To Find a Notary Public in Anaheim

Notarize Documents How To Find a Notary Public in Anaheim

Is Going to a Notary Public in Anaheim the Only Way To Notarize Documents?

While having your affidavits, car titles, real estate loans, and other documents notarized is crucial to prove their validity, the notarization process can be a hassle. If you’d like to save some time, you should try out one of the alternative ways to get your documents notarized. Online notarization is the most practical solution. Even though California and some other states don’t allow remote notarization, you can still get documents notarized without visiting a notary public in Anaheim. 

DoNotPay is here to provide an in-depth explanation of online notarization and help you get your contracts notarized without leaving your house!

What Does a Notary in Anaheim Do?

The State of California authorizes all notaries to:

  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Complete proof of execution
  • Certify copies of:
  • Notarize signatures on immigration documents
  • Take depositions 

Before completing the notarization, every notary in Anaheim must:

  1. Verify the identity of a signer by:
    • Asking for his or her identification document
    • Comparing the name on the ID with the one on the contract
    • Examining the ID photo
  2. Check whether the document has missing pages 
  3. Ensure the signer is not intoxicated or mentally incapacitated
  4. Determine whether the signer is signing the contracts willingly 
  5. Witness the signing 

Should everything go smoothly, each notary has to write a notarial certificate, sign the document, and seal it. Documents that don’t contain a notarial certificate, signature, and stamp aren’t considered valid.

California notaries have to refuse to perform the notarization if they notice fraudulent or strange behavior.

How Much Do Anaheim Notaries Charge?

The maximum notary fee in all cities in California is imposed by state law. Notaries can charge up to:

  • $30 when taking depositions + $7 for administering the oath to the witness and an additional $7 for the certificate 
  • $15 for other notary services

A notary’s prices need to be displayed in a noticeable place both in the office and on the website.

Mobile notaries can determine travel fees independently, but the total cost needs to be reasonable. Traveling notaries are obligated to disclose their prices to the client before setting up a meeting.

Ways To Get Your Documents Notarized in Anaheim

California allows residents to get their contracts notarized solely in person by:

You can check out a short description of each notarization type in the following table:

Notarization Options


Standard notarizationA standard notary performs in-person notarization of paper documents from his or her office
Electronic notarizationAn e-notary also works from an office, but he or she is authorized to notarize documents in digital forms. This can be a convenient solution if you’d like to avoid bringing all your documents to the notary’s office. Electronic notarization allows you to email the contracts before showing up in front of the notary
Mobile notarizationIf paying extra for a notary’s travel expenses doesn’t represent an issue for you, you can hire a traveling notary. Mobile notaries go from one agreed-upon location to another to perform notarial acts

How To Find a Notary Public in Anaheim

Whichever notarization option you choose, the first step you need to complete is to find an available notary in Anaheim, California. You can either:

Advantages of Online Notarization

The fastest and most practical way to have your documents notarized is by connecting with an online notary. Remote notaries can verify your identity, witness your signature, and perform notarial acts virtually via an audio-video call. This means that you can notarize documents without having to head over to the notary’s office and bring your documents in person. 

While California doesn’t allow remote notarization, you have the right to have your contracts notarized by an online notary from another state. You can do so by registering for DoNotPay and allowing us to connect you with an available online notary in less than three minutes.

Learn About DoNotPay—The Most Convenient Online Notarization App

Contrary to other online notary platforms, DoNotPay’s Notarize Any Document product is quick and easy to use. We will help you get your documents notarized remotely, whether you live in Anaheim or somewhere else. Our extensive database allows us to connect you with a 24/7 notary from Utah, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, or any other state to ensure the utmost convenience. 

If you’d like to have your contracts notarized without going to a notary in Anaheim, log in to DoNotPay and do the following:

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  2. Upload the documents that need notarizing 
  3. Type in your email address
  4. Open the email you receive from DoNotPay
  5. Click on the link to book an appointment with one of the online notaries

DoNotPay works on the same principle as other online notary apps, allowing you to take care of your document notarization via a video call. 

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