All About Getting a Notary in Newport Beach

Notarize Documents All About Getting a Notary in Newport Beach

Notary in Newport Beach—Process Explained

Getting a legal document notarized is always welcome, especially if its content is extra sensitive. 

If you need a notary in Newport Beach to notarize any document—including a deed, affidavit, car title, or power of attorney—you should know what the process entails. Fear not, for you are in the right place! This article will break down notarization under California law and help you get your documents notarized as effortlessly as possible!

What Does Notarization in Newport Beach Look Like?

Notaries in Newport Beach act as impartial witnesses during the signing of legal documents. Their purpose is to prevent fraud, coercion, and identity theft by vouching for the authenticity of the signatures. They perform their duty by following a state-specific procedure, which requires:

  1. Meeting the clients in person
  2. Identifying the signers
  3. Assessing the signers’ mental state
  4. Checking the document before notarizing
  5. Completing the journal entry
  6. Filling in the notarial certificate

Notarizing Documents in Person

Under California law, notaries are obligated to notarize documents in person. That means you have to physically appear in front of a notary by:

  • Visiting his or her office
  • Hiring a mobile notary to come to you

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of California endorses hiring mobile notaries and taking all the precautionary measures—such as wearing masks, keeping distance, and following health safety instructions from local and state health officials.

Checking the Signers’ Identities

Verifying the signers’ identities is one of the notaries’ public main duties. You can have your identity checked by:

  1. Showing a valid, government-issued ID, including a passport or a driver’s license
  2. Providing two credible witnesses that can vouch for your identity, as long as they present one of the state-approved IDs

California doesn’t allow notaries public to rely on personal knowledge of the signers when confirming their identities.

Determining the Signers’ Mental State

A notary in Newport Beach will proceed to ask you a series of questions to make sure you:

  • Are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Understand what you are signing
  • Are signing the document of your own free will 

If a notary suspects any foul play, he or she should refuse to notarize the document.

Checking the Document

A notary public has to glance over the document and confirm that it:

  • Has a notarial certificate
  • Doesn’t contain any blank spaces or missing pages
  • Has the information necessary for the journal
  • Contains a signature date that aligns with the notarization date

Completing a Notary Journal

Notaries in Newport Beach are obligated to keep a journal of every notarization. It should include the following details:

  • Date and time of notarization
  • Type of the document and notarization
  • Signatures of each signer
  • Type of ID used to identify the signer
  • Fee charge

Completing the Notarization

After completing the notarial certificate, a notary will sign it and place a stamp and seal on the required spot.

How To Find a Notary in Newport Beach

Finding a notary in Newport Beach doesn’t have to be challenging. Many local businesses have an in-house notary available to the general public. You can also use online databases for locating notaries.

Check out the table below for more details:

Businesses With In-House Notaries Notary Search Websites 

Can I Use an Out-of-State Online Notary in Newport Beach?

Yes, you can! While California notaries cannot perform online notarization, that shouldn’t stop you from finding an out-of-state online notary. States that offer this type of service are:

More people opt for using online notary services instead of meeting the notary in person. Online notaries allow you to get your documents notarized from the comfort of your home. Not only will you protect your health during the pandemic, but you will also be able to:

  1. Schedule an appointment at any time (online notaries are available 24/7)
  2. Use any digital device, including your phone, to meet with the online notary
  3. Save money otherwise spent on your or mobile notaries’ travel expenses
  4. Have the document notarized in minutes

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