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Notarize Documents Connect With an Online Notary in Huntington Beach

Get Documents Notarized Without Visiting a Notary in Huntington Beach

Most documents—including affidavits, living wills, power of attorney forms, and similar—require notarization to be legally binding. The standard notarization process is incredibly annoying, which is why everyone prefers booking a meeting with an online notary. 

As a Huntington Beach citizen, you’re probably aware of the fact that California doesn’t allow notaries to perform online notarization. Thankfully, you can get your documents notarized without visiting a notary in Huntington Beach, and our guide is here to provide the quickest solution. Subscribe to DoNotPay and connect with an online notary from another state in a jiffy!

Huntington Beach Notary Duties From A to Z

The following table shows which notarial acts notaries in California cities can perform and explains what each notary has to do during notarization:

Notaries in Huntington Beach Can:Notaries in Huntington Beach Must:
  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Notarize copies of documents
  • Complete proofs of executions 
  • Certify immigration documents
  • Verify the signer’s identity by asking for his or her ID
  • Examine all documents to ensure nothing’s missing
  • Make sure the signer is of sane mind  
  • Perform the appropriate notarial act
  • Witness the signing 
  • Compose a notarial certificate and place his or her signature and stamp

Notaries are encouraged to refuse notarization in these situations:

  • The signer didn’t show up 
  • The document is incomplete 
  • The signer forgot to bring a valid ID

Learn Where To Find a Notary in Huntington Beach

You can find a Huntington Beach notary by running your ZIP code through one of these websites:

  3. American Association of Notaries
  4. American Society of Notaries

Another option is to check if one of the following places employs notaries:

How Much Do You Have To Pay for Notary Services in CA?

California law dictates the maximum fee that notaries can charge for their services:

Notarial ActPrice Limit
Taking depositions

$30 per deposition + an additional $7 for administering oaths as well as $7 for the certificate

Other notary services


By law, notaries have to place their prices in a noticeable place in the office and on the website.

Mobile notaries can charge even more as they have the right to determine travel fees by themselves, as long as the total cost is reasonable. Should you decide to hire a mobile notary, he or she is obligated to disclose the total price before you choose to set up a meeting.

Most banks that employ notaries don’t charge notary fees to their clients. To save some coins, you can check if your bank offers notary services and schedule a meeting there.

Types of Notary Services in California

As a California resident, you can have your documents notarized by:

  1. Heading over to a standard notary’s office—A regular notary performs notarial acts in his or her office. In-person presence is mandatory
  2. Visiting an electronic notary—To have your digital document notarized, you have to appear before an e-notary in his or her office. The e-notarization procedure is the same as the traditional one, even though you will email your documents instead of bringing them
  3. Hiring a mobile notary—If you’d like to avoid going to a notary’s office, you can hire a traveling notary who will come to you to perform a notarial act. You should consider this option only if you don’t mind covering the fees for the notary’s travel expenses

Can You Get Your Documents Notarized Remotely Even if You Live in CA?

The quickest and most practical way to have your documents notarized is by registering for an online notary platform. 

California residents have the right to hire an out-of-state remote notary. Bear in mind that not all states allow notaries to notarize documents of people who aren’t residents of the same state. That’s why it’s important to do thorough research or rely on DoNotPay and allow us to find you a remote notary in a few minutes!

Explore the Most Practical Online Notary App—DoNotPay

If you’re not sure how to find an available remote notary, DoNotPay has the most convenient solution. Our product will help you schedule a meeting with an online notary from Utah, Ohio, Hawaii, Virginia, Colorado, or any other state and get your contracts notarized in no time. 

To handle your notarization stress-free, sign up for DoNotPay and follow these steps:

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  2. Upload your document and enter your email address
  3. Open our email 
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You’ll get connected with a notary via an audio-video call so that he or she can verify your identity and witness your signature.

In case you are yet to draft the legal document that you need, DoNotPay can show you how to do it or write it for you! Our notarization product integrates with Legal Documents, allowing you to compose documents and get them notarized from the same app!

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