Making an Appointment With a Notary During COVID in a Few Easy Steps

Notarize Documents Making an Appointment With a Notary During COVID in a Few Easy Steps

Get a Notary During COVID With DoNotPay

Many documents cannot become legally binding unless they get notarized. Getting a notary signature in regular circumstances was a lengthy and tiresome process. The COVID outbreak forced state institutions to create faster, more practical ways of handling legal issues, including notarizing documents. 

If you need a way to get to a notary during COVID, we are at your service! DoNotPay will explain the easiest way to validate any contract with minimal health risks!

How Does the COVID Outbreak Influence Notarization Process?

Notarizing typically involves appearing in front of a notary to prove your identity and sign a document in person. Since the coronavirus outbreak, states have started to look for other solutions.

Many state governments adopted remote online notarization (RON) a long time ago. Those states include Ohio, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin. Faced with the pandemic, other states have started to catch up fast. They have been creating laws or enforcing temporary measures to allow notarizing documents online.

The federal government is considering passing a national law to make online notarization a legitimate option. Until that happens, you should check if your state of residence currently allows that possibility.

How To Get Something Notarized During COVID

Notarization requirements differ by state. Some states have a permanent RON authorization, but only for specific documents. Others granted temporary permission to validate documents online due to the COVID pandemic.

You can check out how the process typically works in the table below:

Steps for Notarizing Documents OnlineDetails
Find a notary that performs RONDepending on the type of document you want to validate, you should:

  • Ask a person you are making a contract with (a real-estate agent, a lawyer) to help you
  • Look for a list of approved vendors on your secretary of state’s website
  • Use an online authorization service that will connect you to a virtual notary service
Verify your identityMost online notaries or notary services will ask you to provide a photo ID or perform a more thorough identification process with multiple-choice questions
Sign the document in front of a notaryDepending on the state, you will have to e-sign or sign the document on paper in wet ink while the notary watches
Complete the processThe notary adds the electronic signature and a seal or performs a wet ink notarization to complete the process

Notarize Any Document With DoNotPay Easily

DoNotPay has the perfect solution to accommodate COVID-related notarization issues. You won’t have to risk your health because we will arrange everything for you!

We only need a few details from you before scheduling an appointment with the notary.

The procedure is simple and goes like this:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a web browser
  2. Type in Notarize Any Document in the search field
  3. Upload the document you want notarized 
  4. Provide your email address
  5. Wait for a link that you can use to confirm your appointment with the notary

During your appointment, the notary will witness and sign the document remotely. You will be able to seal the deal without leaving your house!

That is not all DoNotPay can do for you! Our Standardized Legal Documents feature allows you to create various contracts. You can both generate and notarize legal documents via our app!

Take a look at some of the contracts you can create and notarize with our help:

What Other Notary Issues Can We Solve for You?

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More Creative Ways To Get to a Notary During Coronavirus

Not everyone has access to online notary services. Sometimes you have to be creative and find alternative ways of validating contracts. Many notaries use windows, cellphones, and doors as a way of maintaining social distance while witnessing document signing. 

Some notaries meet their clients in parking lots and watch them sign documents through windshields. After signing, they exchange the contract by placing it on the hood of the car.

Other notaries will drop the document on the signer’s front porch. After the individual signs it, they will pick up the document from the porch to review it and complete the process. 

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