Northampton County, PA, Tax Assessment Property Search Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Northampton County, PA, Tax Assessment Property Search Explained

The Scoop on the Northampton County, PA, Tax Assessment Property Search

Property owners in Pennsylvania should learn more about property taxes and ways to lower their tax bills. If you live in Northampton County, PA, tax assessment property search is one of the points that could lead you to file a property tax appeal. DoNotPay has the info you need to successfully lower your property tax in the Coal State.

What You Need To Know About the Northampton County, PA, Property Tax Assessment

In Northampton County, the Assessment division is the institution responsible for the certification of tax rolls for real property in county, school, and municipal districts. The assessments are performed every year. 

The tax assessor will evaluate your property by looking at multiple factors, such as its:

  • Condition
  • Location
  • Size
  • Age

In simplified terms, the assessor will then multiply the assessed value of your residence by the tax rate and get the total that you see on your tax bill.

Property assessment reports are public information, and in this case, being a nosy neighbor can pay off. If you and Joe from down the street have similar houses but pay different taxes, it might be time to do some digging. 

How To Perform a Tax Assessment Property Search in Northampton County

If you are looking for the property tax assessment values of neighboring properties in Northampton County, you can perform a search online. You will need to take these steps:

  1. Visit the Northampton County’s official website
  2. Click on Property Records
  3. Type in the street name and number
  4. Select a direction
  5. Choose if you want to sort your search by:
    • Parcel ID
    • Owner
    • Address
  6. Click on Search

In case you find significantly different assessment results for properties similar to your own, you have the right to file a property tax appeal. The easiest way to do so is with DoNotPay’s help.

File a Property Tax Appeal in Northampton County With DoNotPay

There are several scenarios when you should think about filing a property tax appeal. It could be that your property’s assessed value is way higher than it was last year. Other times you might notice that the tax assessor evaluated some of your property twice. Whatever the reason, it all boils down to you having to pay higher property taxes because of it.

To learn more about how to deal with property tax appeals in Northampton County, you can turn to DoNotPay for a custom-made guide on property tax reductions in your area. You only need to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in a web browser you prefer
  2. Scroll down to the Property Tax product
  3. Answer some questions about your property

Once you complete these easy steps, you will get a guide on property tax appeals made just for you! You will be able to access the tips for negotiating with the assessor and neat tricks on beating them in their own game. 

The same guide will tell you about the necessary evidence that you need to collect to reduce the assessed value. With all that info, you can expect a property tax appeal hearing to go smoothly.

You should also consider consulting DoNotPay for help with finding out if you qualify for property tax exemptions in Northampton County.

DoNotPay’s Guide on Property Tax Exemptions in Northampton County

Another great way of lowering property taxes is looking and applying for property tax exemptions available in your state. These exemptions exist to help the people struggling to pay their property tax bills. If you are a veteran, widow(er), or a senior citizen, you will probably be eligible for this type of tax relief.

Finding out if you meet the requirements for a property tax exemption can be more difficult than expected. If you want to get a direct answer, you should use DoNotPay! You only need to:

  1. Open our Lower Property Taxes feature
  2. Answer several questions about the property you own

The PDF guide you’ll receive will be a great tool for understanding what property tax exemptions you qualify for. If there is a match, DoNotPay has the info you’ll need to start and complete the application process.

What Property Tax Exemptions Are Available in Northampton County?

The citizens of Northampton County, PA, can count on these property tax relief options:

  • Homestead Exclusion
  • Veterans’ Exemption
  • KOEZ (Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone) and KOZ (Keystone Opportunity Zone)

Can You Reduce Your Property Taxes Any Other Way?

You can lower your property taxes in a few other ways. These include:

  • Checking your property tax bill for mistakes
  • Following the tax assessor around the property while they are making an evaluation
  • Skipping home improvements before the assessment takes place
  • Moving to a state with low property taxes

The last method may seem bold, but if you already considered moving away, you should keep in mind states’ property tax rates. You wouldn’t want to move to New Jersey (2.42%), for example. States like Arizona (0.62%) or Tennessee (0.61%) seem like much better options!

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