Understanding North Dakota Jury Duty

Request Jury Duty Leave Understanding North Dakota Jury Duty

How North Dakota Jury Duty Works

Confused by the prospect of North Dakota jury duty? Serving as a juror can be a complicated undertaking.

You need to show up at the right time and place, follow the dress code, and fully engage in this foundational component of the American justice system. Understanding how jury duty works is your first step in preparing for your time in court.

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What You Need To Know About North Dakota Jury Duty

Prospective jurors are chosen in a random draw of eligible Americans. State laws dictate that a juror:

  • Must be of legal age (18+)
  • Must be a North Dakota citizen
  • Has to be a resident of the county in which the trial will occur
  • Needs to be fluent in English
  • Needs to be able to serve (in terms of physically and mentally faculties)
  • Must not have been convicted of any felonies or offenses that limit civil rights

Jury duty can last up to ten days, depending on the scale and complexity of the case. The first day is devoted to the jury selection process, in which jurors answer questions to determine whether they are biased against anyone involved in the case.

You have to do jury duty once every two years at most, provided you have served as a juror within that time frame. If you are summoned more often than that, it is because you were not previously selected to serve on a jury.

Do You Get Paid for Jury Duty?

Yes—North Dakota offers daily compensation for jurors. Juror wages vary from state to state, providing $7.50–$60 per day. The rate and reimbursements to which North Dakota jurors are entitled to depend on the type of court:

Judicial LevelPay per DayPay IncreaseReimbursement per Mile TraveledAdditional Expense Reimbursements
State and county courts$25None$0.52$0
Federal courts$50+$10 from the tenth day onward$0Up to $40

Do You Have To Do North Dakota Jury Duty?

Not necessarily—North Dakota offers exemptions for prospective jurors with a disability that prevents them from serving effectively.

North Dakota does not recognize other commonly used grounds for exemption, such as being a:

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Law enforcement member
  • Elected official
  • Active military member

While North Dakota has no official policy for excusing elderly prospective jurors, you can apply for an exemption in one of two ways:

  1. Noting your age in your juror questionnaire on eJuror
  2. Speaking to the County Clerk office directly

What if You’re Not Exempt From North Dakota Jury Duty?

Don’t risk skipping jury duty because you need to work. North Dakota laws entitle citizens to unpaid leave from their jobs while they serve as jurors.

Give your boss as much notice as possible about your upcoming absence. Employers cannot fire employees because of court duty. If the court is canceled for the day, you may have to return to work, depending on the arrangement you have with your employer.

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