How to Create a Customized Non-Solicitation Agreement in Minutes

How to Create a Non-Solicitation Agreement in Minutes

You might be tempted to look for a non-solicitation agreement sample online, but you should not go that path. These contract templates are known to be generic, and adjusting one to your needs takes too much time. Instead, turn to DoNotPay for information and help creating an airtight legal document in no time!

What Is a Non-Solicitation Agreement, and Why Do You Need One?

A non-solicitation agreement is a document created to ensure that an employee won’t solicit a company’s clients, customers, or other employees after leaving the company.

If you decide to make a non-solicitation agreement, you should know there are two types of this document:

  • Non-solicitation of employees—Stops employees who resign from taking other company personnel with them (usually good assistants)
  • Non-solicitation of customers—Prevents former employees from taking the company’s clients (common in sales and professional practices with patients)

The purpose of a non-solicitation agreement is clear—the employer needs to create this document to:

  • Ensure the interests of the company are protected once the employee leaves
  • Prevent the employees from partnering with a competitor

Differences Between the Non-Solicitation Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements

Even though a non-compete agreement and the non-solicitation agreement have some similarities, they are not the same. The main difference between the two documents is that a non-solicitation agreement covers more specific terms compared to the non-compete one.

One of the requirements of a non-compete agreement can be to stop the former employee from opening a competitor company within a certain radius during an agreed-upon period.

A non-solicitation agreement is focused more on hiring employees and taking away customers.

Because of its specific nature, a non-solicitation agreement can be a part of a non-compete agreement or another more general document, such as an employment agreement or a non-disclosure agreement. The form depends entirely on your preference, and creating only the non-solicitation agreement is fine as well.

What Should Every Non-Solicitation Agreement Contain?

To create the non-solicitation agreement properly, you will need to include all the crucial parts in the document. Take a look at the table below to see what this agreement entails:

Non-Solicitation Agreement SectionsDescription
The purpose of the document
  • Company’s name
  • Employee’s name
  • Purpose of the document that is clearly stated
Non-solicitation disclosure
  • Actions the employee is barred from doing
  • Rules regarding customers and clients
  • Business practices that are allowed
Duration of the agreement
  • The start date of the agreement
  • The end date of the agreement
Termination terms
  • The conditions under which the agreement can end
  • Possible consequences of breaking the agreement before it expires
Signatures of the parties
  • Signatures
  • Names (and titles)
  • Date of signing the document

Consequences of Breaching a Non-Solicitation Agreement

If the employee breaks the non-solicitation agreement, the employer has the right to take them to court. The employer’s attorney will get a preliminary or permanent injunction from a court to stop the person from continuing to solicit. If you have a well-composed non-solicitation agreement, you should have no problem winning the case.

Should You Hire a Lawyer for Your Non-Solicitation Agreement?

You should hire a lawyer for a non-solicitation agreement if you want to ensure the contract is properly written. This is a good choice if you don’t have the required legal knowledge to try and draw up an agreement on your own.

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