The Best Tips for Creating a Flawless Non-Compete Agreement in Georgia

Standardized Legal Documents The Best Tips for Creating a Flawless Non-Compete Agreement in Georgia

What You Must Know About the Non-Compete Agreement in Georgia

Non-compete agreements are invaluable in protecting a business from the disclosure of confidential information. To write this legal document properly, you must be familiar with the local legislature, and the contract must meet those requirements to be legally binding. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the basics of the non-compete agreement in Georgia and show you how to draft one in our app in mere minutes. Forget about outdated templates—check out our tips and create your contracts with zero effort with DoNotPay.

The Essentials of Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement is a contract between an employee and an employer that prevents the worker from engaging in competing business activities during and after the employment. 

The employee agrees to keep all trade secrets and intellectual property of their employer safe and private and not to disclose them to the competing companies. The parties usually sign this agreement at the beginning of their collaboration, or they add a non-compete clause to the initial employment contract. 

Many employees believe that non-compete contracts make finding a new job difficult, but employers don’t share that opinion. For them, these legal documents provide a high level of protection and ensure that the sensitive details related to their business will remain confidential.

Do Non-Compete Agreements in Georgia Apply to All Types of Employees?

It’s important to note that in Georgia, non-compete agreements are enforceable only against four categories of employees:

  • Persons who participate in making sales 
  • Company professionals or vital employees
  • Workers that often solicit for the clients of their employer 
  • Employees who hire, fire, or promote people or manage the entire company or a specific subdivision

If the employer signs a non-compete contract with a person who doesn’t belong to these categories, the document won’t be enforceable.

Requirements of an Enforceable Non-Compete Agreement in Georgia

Georgia laws related to non-compete agreements have gone through various changes. The newest updates work in the employer’s favor, but they also impose some conditions an enforceable contract must meet. They are listed in the table below:



ConsiderationA proper non-compete agreement must be fortified with consideration. It means giving something of value to an employee in exchange for following the agreed-upon rules
ReasonablenessThe contract must have limited length and scope, and the geographical coverage should be reasonable. Employers can rarely enforce a contract that goes on indefinitely or prevent the former employee from finding a job in several states
Valid business interestWhen asking the employee to sign a non-compete agreement, the employer must have a proper business-related reason for that. The reasons include keeping the confidential details safe, protecting their proprietary information and inventions, and other similar aspects

Even if employers create a non-compete contract with unenforceable terms, they can still fix it by referring to the blue pencil rule of severability. It’s a Georgia law implemented in 2011 allowing the judges to modify the existing agreement by ditching specific sections from it. This way, they make the contract legally binding instead of nullifying it. 

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