What To Do if Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Make Your Life a Living Hell

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Tips and Tricks To Get Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors To Keep It Down

Neighbors can be an inconvenience if you live in a communal space. If you want to be more peaceful and are wondering how to get your noisy neighbors to keep it down, we’re here to offer the best solutions!

In this article, we provide efficient ways to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors. and get all the tips and tricks you need to deal with various neighbor-related issues!

How Do You Define Noisy Neighbors?

If you live in a communal area, it is expected that you will have to tolerate some form of noise. It’s when the noise gets really loud and annoying that it becomes difficult to ignore. Here are a few examples of neighbor noises that can cause a disturbance:

  1. Stomping around the apartment
  2. Playing loud music or TV
  3. Having a barking dog
  4. Shouting at each other
  5. Vacuuming their house after hours
  6. Having loud sex

How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors Upstairs

There are four ways you can try dealing with noisy neighbors living upstairs:

  1. Take preventative action
  2. Talk to your neighbors
  3. Send a demand letter
  4. File a noise complaint

Take Preventative Action

Noise can be disruptive, especially if it disturbs your sleep. Here are some tips you can try to block the noise from your neighbors:

Tips To Block NoiseBrief Explanation
EarplugsUse earmuffs or earplugs to help you sleep at night
White noise machineYou may want to invest in a white noise machine because it blocks out any outside noise effectively
Soundproof your houseSoundproof your walls, doors, and windows with acoustic foam

Talk to Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors is probably the best way to handle the situation. Most of the time, your neighbors might not even be aware that the noise is loud enough to travel to your apartment.

Here are a few steps you can follow to talk to your neighbors about your problem:

  • Go to their place with home-baked goods
  • Exchange pleasantries before diving into the issue
  • Explain how their noise affects you, especially when it starts at a time when you want to settle down in bed
  • Request them to keep the noise level down
  • Offer possible solutions to the problem (not shouting after hours, keeping the TV volume down, etc.)

If you suspect that they’re not going to take your word for it, show them documented proof of the noise. Record their noise whenever they stomp around, shout at each other, or play the TV loudly.

Make sure to present the issue in a calm and composed manner. If you show aggression, your neighbors will get defensive and won’t be willing to cooperate.

If confrontations are not your thing, write them a letter about the noise they’re making and leave it in their mailbox.

Contact the Building Manager

If you have tried being nice and it didn’t work, bring up the issue with your building manager. Check the local or building noise regulations to see whether your neighbors are breaking any official rules. You can also request the building manager to intervene on your behalf.

Send a Demand Letter

Are your neighbors still stomping around the apartment without a care in the world? Send them a demand letter. Your letter should serve as the last warning for them to keep the noise level down. The letter should contain an arbitration notice and possible legal consequences if they refuse to cooperate.

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How Can DoNotPay Help You Create a Demand Letter?

When taking preventative actions or talking to your neighbors doesn’t help, a demand letter can do the trick. DoNotPay can write a demand letter in the blink of an eye! All you need to do is follow these instructions:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Find our Neighbor Complaints feature
  3. Confirm that you are having noise issues
  4. Provide more details about the situation

DoNotPay will create and send the demand letter to your neighbors.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me With?

Whether you need help dealing with bad neighbors legally or documenting neighbor harassment, we have got you covered! Here are a few neighbor-related issues we can help you out with:

Can I File a Noise Complaint With the Local Authorities?

If all other methods have failed, you may want to file a noise complaint with the police. Make sure that you:

  • Call the local non-emergency number
  • Have proper evidence
  • Provide proof of the ways you tried to solve the problem on your own

The best time to contact the police is while the noise is active.

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