NJ Veterans Property Tax Deduction Explained

Reducing Property Taxes NJ Veterans Property Tax Deduction Explained

NJ Veterans Property Tax Deduction—Are You Eligible?

Former U.S. Army members normally have the right to get help with paying property taxes. In the Garden State, they can count on the NJ veterans property tax deduction program. DoNotPay has the information about this property tax relief and can tell you if you are eligible for NJ property tax exemptions.

What You Should Know About the NJ Veterans Property Tax Deduction

Former U.S. Army service members who meet the required criteria have the right to apply for the annual $250 property tax deduction. In certain circumstances, surviving spouses of honorably discharged veterans may qualify for this deduction as well. 

Take a look at the table below to see eligibility criteria:

NJ Veterans Must:Surviving Spouses of NJ Veterans Must:
  • Have active duty service with an honorable discharge
  • Be called to active duty service (National Guard and Reservists)
  • Be a New Jersey legal resident
  • Own the property they reside in
  • Be the owner of the property
  • Be a legal resident of New Jersey
  • Provide proof that the service member died on active duty
  • Prove that the veteran who died had active duty service in the United States Armed Forces with an honorable discharge
  • Provide confirmation that the military service member was an NJ resident at the time of death
  • Have not married again

The surviving spouse of the veteran or service member will need to provide some of these documents as proof to qualify for the tax deduction:

  • Death Certificate
  • New Jersey Voter’s Registration
  • Deed
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Domestic or Civil Union Partner Certificate
  • New Jersey Driver’s License
  • Military Records (DD 214)
  • Probated Will

NJ Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you are an NJ veteran, you may also qualify for the disabled veterans property tax exemption. These are the criteria that you need to meet:

  • Be 100% disabled
  • Be a legal NJ resident
  • Own and occupy the property as your main residence
  • Be honorably discharged

Surviving spouses of New Jersey veterans also have the right to use this property tax exemption if they don’t remarry.

Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, or Surviving Spouses NJ Property Tax Exemption

New Jersey property tax exemptions are not solely veterans-oriented. This state offers help to other individuals who need assistance with paying property tax. NJ offers a property tax exemption for senior citizens, disabled persons, and their surviving spouses.

To qualify for this exemption, you need to:

  • Be 65 or older
  • Be disabled
  • Reside in NJ for at least one year before October 1 of the pretax year
  • Own and reside in the property from October 1 of the pretax year
  • Have an income that does not exceed the proposed amount

NJ widow(er)s can apply for this tax reduction program as well.

Do You Qualify for Any of the Property Tax Exemptions in NJ? Find Out With DoNotPay!

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Do You Want To File a Property Tax Appeal in NJ? DoNotPay Can Help!

If you are wondering what an NJ property tax appeal form should look like, you only need to turn to DoNotPay for help. Our app has all the information on how to appeal property taxes in New Jersey. After you open the Lower Property Taxes product, you’ll have the knowledge to handle the property tax appeal hearing.

Your virtual assistant will make sure you have rock-solid arguments when negotiating with the property tax assessor. You also won’t be lacking any evidence that can help your case.

Are There Any Other Ways of Lowering Property Taxes?

Property tax exemptions and appeals are the most efficient options for lowering your tax bill, but you may try something else. A few other options might be helpful:

  • Waiting for the property tax assessment to pass to renovate—Any home improvements should wait because they might increase your property's assessment value
  • Not letting the property tax assessor out of your sight—You should follow the assessor around the property to make sure they are making a fair assessment
  • Scanning the tax bill—There is always a chance you might find a discrepancy on the tax bill that increases your property tax

States With Property Tax Lower Than in New Jersey

If you feel that none of the tax deduction techniques are helpful enough, you might consider moving to another state with low property tax. There are several options that you should be aware of:

  1. Arizona
  2. Colorado
  3. Utah
  4. Tennessee

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