What Is the NJ Senior Property Tax Freeze?

Reducing Property Taxes What Is the NJ Senior Property Tax Freeze?

Everything You Should Know About the NJ Senior Property Tax Freeze

Not everyone can afford to pay the full price of costly property taxes each year. This is why states come up with property tax relief programs. In NJ, Senior Property Tax Freeze is one such program made to aid senior citizens. DoNotPay has all the info about this tax relief and can tell you how to check if you are eligible for property tax exemptions easily!

The Ins and Outs of New Jersey Property Tax Freeze for Senior Citizens

The Senior Property Tax Freeze is a tax relief program that reimburses you for possible tax increases that occur after you enter the program. This means that this program doesn’t actually freeze your taxes.

You get the difference between your first year of eligibility property tax amount and the one from the current year. One of the requirements is that the current year property tax amount is higher than the one from the base year.

Check all the other eligibility requirements in the table below:

Eligibility RequirementsYou:


  • Have earned $89,013 or less in 2018
  • Have earned $91,505 or less in 2019

Property Taxes and Site Fees

  • Have paid the 2018 property taxes due on your home by June 1, 2019 and the 2019 property taxes by June 1, 2020 (homeowners)
  • Have made payments for your site fees by December 31 of each year

Home Ownership

  • Have owned and lived in your home since December 31, 2015 (homeowners)
  • Leased a site in a mobile home park and lived in a manufactured or mobile home that you’ve owned since December 31, 2015 or before (mobile homeowners)

Place of Residence

  • Have lived in New Jersey as a renter or a homeowner since December 31, 2008


  • Are 65 or older


  • Are a recipient of federal Social Security disability benefit payments

You have the right to re-apply for the Senior Tax Freeze program in case you moved from one New Jersey house to another and got reimbursement for your previous residence for the last full year you resided there.

When Aren’t You Eligible for NJ Property Tax Freeze for Seniors?

You’ve seen the requirements for the property relief program in New Jersey, but there are additional factors that can prevent you from getting in. You can’t get a reimbursement on:

  • A second home or a vacation home
  • Real estate you rent to someone else
  • Houses that contain more than four units
  • Houses with four units or less that have more than one commercial unit

You also can’t get this tax relief if you are completely exempt from paying taxes for your house or if you made Payments-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (P.I.L.O.T.) to your municipality.

What Are the Property Tax Exemptions for Senior Citizens and Veterans in NJ?

In addition to the Senior Tax Freeze program, you can find out more about property tax exemptions in NJ. If you live in New Jersey, you can count on the following ones:

  1. Senior citizens, disabled persons, or surviving spouses—People who are 65 or older, disabled, or widowers of such person have the right to claim a $250 tax deduction
  2. Veterans or surviving spouses—Honorably discharged service members and their spouses can get a $250 tax deduction
  3. Totally disabled veterans or surviving spouses—100% disabled veterans and their surviving spouses can get a full property tax exemption

DoNotPay Is an Easy Way To Find Out if You Are Eligible for Tax Exemptions in NJ

While the Senior Property Tax Freeze is a great program, it works differently than property tax exemptions. DoNotPay is here to help you with the latter! Follow these steps to check if you qualify for a tax exemption:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a web browser
  2. Locate and choose the Property Tax feature
  3. Provide us with the required info about your property and yourself

Once you finish the simple questionnaire, you’ll have your answers. DoNotPay will also be there to help you with collecting the required documentation and sending applications!

You can count on DoNotPay to learn about the best ways to get help paying property taxes and see which states have low property taxes.

DoNotPay Makes Filing Property Tax Appeals Easy

What happens if you are not satisfied with the amount of money you are required to pay for property tax? You don’t have to oblige and pay—you can file an appeal with DoNotPay instead! There are a few red flags that indicate you should consider filing an appeal:

  • You notice that the evaluation the assessor made mentioned property you don’t own anymore
  • Property taxes have soared compared to the previous year
  • The assessor made the evaluation of your property twice

Your virtual assistant will provide you with instructions for negotiating with the assessor and help you lower your property tax expenses.

Other Ways for Lowering Your Property Taxes in New Jersey

In addition to searching for property tax exemptions and filing appeals, you can try some other ways to lower your property taxes. You may try to:

  • Not make any improvements to your house prior to the property tax assessment
  • Be right next to the assessor while they are performing the evaluation
  • Look for inaccuracies on your tax bill

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