How to Get a Lien Release From the NJ DMV

Remove My Lien How to Get a Lien Release From the NJ DMV

How to Get a Lien Release From the NJ DMV

Having a lien on your car cannot only be stressful if you forget to make a payment, but it can also pose a few problems if you want to sell it. If you are looking for an easy way to , DoNotPay has the perfect solution for you.

What Is a Car Lien?

If you go to purchase a car and are not able to pay for it in full, you will need to go to a bank or other lending institution in order to get a loan. Once you have been given the loan for a car, there will be a put on the car. This essentially means that you do not own the car until the loan is completely repaid. Instead, the lender is the "owner." You still get to drive the car and are responsible for paying for any maintenance or repairs that the car may need. However, if you forget or are unable to make one of your required monthly payments, your lender will be able to take the car back and sell it in order to get the money that is owed to them.

Can You Still Sell a Car With a Lien on It?

Technically, yes. It is perfectly legal to sell a car that has a lien on it. If you plan on trading it in at the dealership, the process is much easier. If you plan on selling it to an individual, the process is a little more difficult, but it can still be done.

In order to sell your vehicle in a private sale, you will need to:

  1. Contact the lender
  2. Ask them if you are allowed to pay the vehicle off early
  3. Ask them how much it would cost to pay the loan back in full
  4. Make sure that the title will be able to be transferred to the new buyer once the loan is repaid

If you are unable to pay the loan off, you may be able to work out a deal with the potential buyer where they pay for the remainder of the loan. If they agree to pay off the loan, you will need to talk to the lender to make sure that the title will be given to them once the payment is made. It may be a good idea for you and the buyer to go to the lender together. That way, your lender will be able to draw up a contract that both you and the buyer can sign. Once the buyer has repaid the loan, they will then be the legal owner of the vehicle.

How to Get a Lien Release at the New Jersey DMV

Because a lien is connected to the title of a car, you may need to request a lien release before the new owner can obtain a title for the car. I, you can get a car lien removed by showing at least one of the following pieces of information:

  • Proof that the vehicle has been registered to you by a certified state agency
  • The vehicle's title
  • Proof that there has been a certified record title search
  • The vehicle's bill of sale

You will also need to show proof that the original loan has been paid back in full. This can be done in several ways. First, you can show a bank statement that proves you have made the final payment. You could also have your lender sign and date a loan satisfaction letter that states you no longer owe any money on the vehicle in question.

How Can I Contact the NJ DMV?

The New Jersey DMV has several ways for you to contact them. The hours of operation are from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm. Here is a look at how you can contact the NJ DMV.

Mailing Address:New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Certified Information Unit

225 E. State Street

PO Box 146

Trenton, NJ 08666-0146

Phone Number:(609) 292-6500
Online Contact:

How to Get a Lien Removed With the Help of DoNotPay

If you are trying to remove a lien from your car, you may notice that the DMV can sometimes move slowly and the entire process can seem to drag on forever. Luckily, DoNotPay has a quick and simple way for you to remove a lien from your vehicle. To get started, follow these steps:

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  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.


That's all there is to it. Once you have submitted the required information, DoNotPay will send a letter to the  on your behalf and request that the lien be removed from your vehicle.

Have More Questions About Liens? DoNotPay Is Here to Help

Trying to figure out the best way to get a lien removed can be both confusing and frustrating. Luckily, DoNotPay has all of the answers. Some of the different ways that we can help you include:

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