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Find Out All About NJ Divorce Mediation With DoNotPay

The divorce process can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially if you and your spouse don’t agree on how to handle it.

An uncontested divorce can help you avoid paying astronomical lawyer fees and wasting time on court hearings. To get an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must set your differences aside and resolve all issues.

Mediation can help you and your partner see eye to eye on all divorce-related matters. If you don’t know much about NJ divorce mediation, we are here to explain everything.

and find out how to create a divorce settlement agreement for your uncontested divorce with little to no effort.

A Guide to Understanding the Mediation Process

Mediation is a process during which you and your spouse work together with a neutral third party to resolve all issues that might arise during your divorce. Mediation will help you reach a quick and friendly divorce without going to court and engaging lawyers.

During your mediation sessions, you can expect to discuss the following:

What Is the Role of Divorce Mediators in NJ?

A mediator typically meets with each party individually to try to understand everyone's side of the story. After that, they continue to have as many sessions as necessary with both parties present.

The role of a mediator in NJ is to:

  1. Help you and your spouse find a solution that works for both of you
  2. Facilitate communication
  3. Reveal all the important information regarding the court systems and common issues that you might come across during your divorce
  4. Help you create a divorce settlement agreement, which is a crucial document if you want to have an uncontested divorce

You should create a divorce settlement agreement because it outlines all the important terms of your divorce. This document should cover various divorce-related concerns, such as child support, visitation, and custody, asset division, shared property and debts, spousal support, etc.

NJ Divorce Mediation Process—How To Prepare for Your First Session

To prepare for the first mediation session, you should consider doing the following:

Be ready to communicate in a civil wayYou should be open to communicate clearly and without shifting blame onto your partner. Fighting with your spouse during a mediation session will only waste your time and money
Set your emotions asideKeep a cool head and try not to involve too much emotion in your mediation process. The calmer you are, the faster you'll reach an agreement
Prepare a list of all the points that you don’t agree on with your partnerOnce you come before a mediator, you should have all the information that they require for your case. This includes all the points on which you don’t agree with your partner. This way, you’ll provide a clear idea of what you need to discuss with your spouse and the mediator
Set a clear goal of what kind of compromise you want to reachYou need to know exactly what you want to achieve during mediation. If you set a goal before you attend your first mediation appointment, you can reduce the time spent in sessions significantly. Feel free to ask for anything you want
Collect all the necessary documentsFind out which papers and forms you’ll need during your mediation and bring them to your first session

How Long Can NJ Divorce Mediation Take?

While mediation in New Jersey can take anywhere between two months and a year, you and your spouse can speed up the process if you agree on all points of your divorce.

A mediation session in New Jersey usually lasts around two to three hours.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay for Divorce Mediation in NJ?

The cost of mediation typically ranges between $100 and $250 per session, but mediators who are also attorneys can charge even more. In most cases, the cost of your mediation will be split into two equal parts.

If mediation sessions are too pricey for you, you can avoid them, provided that you can reach an agreement on your own. Not sure how to create a divorce settlement agreement by yourself? DoNotPay can help you create a perfect agreement in a few clicks!

Creating a Divorce Settlement Agreement Is Quick and Easy With DoNotPay

DoNotPay will help you get your hands on a professional, customized divorce settlement agreement that doesn’t cost the earth. Our platform will enable you to avoid the expenses of divorce mediation, high lawyer fees, and court-related charges.

To get your document in a matter of minutes, you should and do the following:

  1. Open our Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  2. Add all the necessary information about your spouse, children (if applicable), and similar
  3. Tell us all about your joint assets and how you want to divide them

After you complete these steps, we’ll ask you whether you want to get your document notarized. If you select this option, we’ll help you find an online notary in New Jersey who will witness your signing of the document.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help With Divorces?

You can consult our learning center to find out more about divorce-related topics. We’ll answer all the questions you might have, including:

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