How to File a Request for Nissan Lien Release

Remove My Lien How to File a Request for Nissan Lien Release

How to File a Request for Nissan Lien Release

So you've finally paid off your car loan, now what? How do you go about ? In most cases, the answer to these two questions is simple. You just have to wait for the lien release on your car to be mailed within a certain period.

The problem comes when the period lapses and you still haven't received your title or lien release. In such a case, you will need to fill out a lien release form and make follow-ups with the lender to show proof that you paid the loan amount in full so they can release your title. While this sounds a whole lot easier, it isn't always the case. A lender who is no longer in business, for instance, can make the car lien release process a bit difficult.

If this happens, consider using a third-party company to help with the Nissan lien release request. A third-party company such as DoNotPay can help do follow-ups until you get your car title in a few easy and successful steps. DoNotPay can also help you check if there is a lien on your house, and offer guidance on selling a car with a lien. You can also use the platform to get tips for removing lien on the property and removing a state tax lien from public record. Read on to find out how you should approach the Nissan lien release request.

What Is Nissan Lien Release?

Owning a car is a huge investment. If you cannot meet the cost of buying in cash, the next best option is to finance it with the help of an auto loan lender. You will need to make a certain down payment and then follow it up with monthly payments until you offset the whole amount. The process of financing a car with the help of an auto loan lender gives rise to a car lien. Put simply, a car lien is a legal claim that the auto loan lender has on your car up until you complete the loan repayment. The lien gives the lender certain rights, including vehicle repossession in case you are unable to complete the repayment process. If you got your car financing from , the company then becomes the lienholder with legal rights to the car until you pay the loan in full.

Once you successfully pay the loan, the lender is required to transfer full ownership to you by sending you a lien release document. If you have sourced our auto loan from Nissan, the company is obligated to send you a lien release once you pay the loan amount in full. This document essentially means that the title has passed to you fully.

Where Can I Find Car Lien Information?

If you are planning to buy a car from a private seller, check if there is a lien on it. It's very important to understand the lien status on any used car since a lien means debt. The seller owes the auto lender money, and unless they pay off the debt in full, you are likely to run into problems since:

  • You cannot get a clear car title
  • You cannot register the car
  • You cannot get proper insurance
  • You cannot sell the car

Any vehicle with an existing lien status will not have a clear car title. Even when the seller promises to use part of the sales proceeds to pay the lien, liaise with the lien holder for guidance on how to handle an existing lien. Without a clear title, you will be unable to register the vehicle as your own or seek insurance in your name. To avoid these problems, get proper lien information from a reliable source. You can get the lien status on a car from:

  • The state's transportation agency
  • The car title. The car title might have the name of the lienholder
  • The vehicle history report from sources such as Autocheck and Carfax

What Does a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability Do?

If you're planning to sell your car, it's very important to complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability. This legal document lets the DMV know that, legally, you are no longer the owner of the car. Any activity associated with the car going forward will be the responsibility of the new owner. Of course, this step comes after you have obtained your Nissan lien release, especially if you plan to sell the vehicle to an individual.

Can I Sell/Buy a Car With a Lien on It?

Yes. You can sell a car with a lien using three main options:

  1. At the lien holder's office
  2. Through a dealership
  3. Selling to a private entity

By choosing to make the sale at your lender's office, you or the buyer makes full payment of the lien, after which ownership is transferred to the buyer. You can also choose to sell or trade-in the car at a dealership that works with the lender to clear the lien and transfer ownership accordingly.

The buyer can also pay the lien directly to the lender, after which ownership will be transferred to them. Any remaining balance from the sale will be transferred to the seller. All these processes, especially when you decide to conduct the sale at the lenders' office, are very cumbersome and may take convenience out of the equation.

How to Request a Lien Release From Nissan

Once you pay off the loan, Nissan will automatically mail the lien within 20 business days. If your title is in a state that has an Electronic Title system, you will need to wait for up to 6 weeks to receive the title. Once you receive your paper title, visit your local DMV, MVA, or Local Tax Assessors Office to remove the lien and have the title in your name. If you need to get the link for your state on DMV, you can check it here:

DMV Portal for Each StateDMV links
DMV Phone Numbers for Each StatePhone Number Page
DMV Mailing Address for Each StateFind Mailing Address

Remove a Lien With DoNotPay

The process of removing a Nissan lien can be long and the wait frustrating. If you have already paid up your car loan and are hoping for a quick and successful way to submit your Nissan lien release request, DoNotPay can help. We will collect your information, fill out a Release of Lien form, and send it to Nissan. Here is how you can fast-track your Nissan lien release request:

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  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.


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