Nintendo Terms of Service: Read Before You Consent

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All About Nintendo Terms of Service

Nintendo is an international developer, producer, and marketer of interactive gaming software. Before using the Nintendo platform to purchase and play games or engage in family-friendly entertainment, you'll need to (TOS) and accept them.

All TOS agreements are binding legal documents. The companies that draft these documents are responsible for honoring and acknowledging the privacy rights of users, and for adhering to all relevant consumer data protection laws. Signing any TOS agreement without fully understanding it can have serious repercussions.

Whether they're using social media platforms or taking advantage of rental platforms and digital wallets, most consumers don’t read TOS agreements at all. Moreover, when they do read these documents, they rarely understand all of the complicated legal jargon they contain. With DoNotPay, you can make sure that TOS Agreements aren't putting you at risk of data theft due to glaring legal missteps, unfortunate omissions, or suspicious hidden clauses.

Nintendo Terms of Service

were last updated on May 24, 2016. However, Nintendo maintains the right to change its TOS from time to time and will post notification of all updates at the top of the TOS page as they're implemented. This agreement has 15 sections and multiple subsections that include the following, among others:

  • Eligibility (Section 1)
  • Ownership (Section 3)
  • User Content and Interactive Areas (Section 5)
  • Acceptable Use (Section 6)
  • Indemnity (Section 12)
  • Dispute Resolution (Section 13)

The Nintendo Privacy Notice and Intellectual Property Policy

Section 2 of the Nintendo TOS covers the company's Privacy Policy and is linked to a separate Privacy Notice. This document details the types of personal information collected by Nintendo as well as how this information is used and who it will be shared with. When you accept the Nintendo TOS agreement, you're also acknowledging your acceptance of the attached Privacy Notice. Acceptance of the Nintendo TOS additionally indicates your acceptance of the attached Intellectual Property Policy.

What Information Does Nintendo Collect From Me?

There are eight different types of information that Nintendo collects from users. These are:

  1. All information that you willingly provide such as your phone number, email address, date of birth, physical address, gender, preferred language, time zone, and more
  2. Information pertaining to your personal or gaming device such as device settings, operating system, model and serial numbers, your ISP, and your IP address among other details
  3. Information pertaining to your usage habits including how you connect with and interact with other Nintendo users, the time and date of individual visits, your shared content, and your service use history
  4. All content that you create, upload, or share including but not limited to images, text, audio, and videos
  5. Your purchase history
  6. Information from third-party sources such as companies that sell consumer information, social media platforms, and similar service providers
  7. Your location information
  8. De-identified and aggregated info

By accepting the Nintendo TOS, you agree that Nintendo maintains the right to modify your services, update, or terminate them at any time, and without any prior notice. You also agree that Nintendo maintains the right to terminate your account for any reason and without liability or obligation to you.

What to Look for in Nintendo's TOS Agreement

The Nintendo TOS is a lengthy, three-part agreement that includes the company's actual terms of service, its Intellectual Property Policy, and its Privacy Notice. If you choose to analyze Nintendo Terms of Service on your own, you'll need to carefully read all three of these documents.

When doing so, pay close attention to:

  • The company's arbitration clause and class action waiver (Section 13)
  • All sections or subsections written in either bold text or ALL CAPS
  • Details on how your collected information will be saved, shared, and used
  • The disclaimer of warranties (Section 11)

How to Analyze Nintendo Terms of Service on Your Own

Given that the Nintendo Terms of Service Agreement is a three-part document, you should start by reading the company's terms of service and then read through both its Privacy Notice and Intellectual Property Policy as they're referenced within the primary agreement.

It's important to understand all three of these documents before acknowledging your acceptance of the TOS. You can use legal dictionaries and other legal aids to learn the meanings of any complex legal terms you encounter.

What to Do if You Can't Understand the Nintendo Terms of Service Agreement on Your Own

It's important to understand which privacy laws and consumer data protection laws Nintendo is subject to. You should make sure that all of these laws are directly or indirectly stated, and acknowledged within these documents. You should also look for hidden clauses and other rights violations.

If you're a regular and serious Nintendo user, you may want to hire a legal professional to scan this document before accepting it and signing on. However, for a much more affordable cost, you can alternatively enlist the help of DoNotPay.

Analyze Nintendo TOS for Rights Violations With DoNotPay

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How to Sue Nintendo for TOS Violations

If Nintendo fails to mention, honor, or acknowledge your consumer privacy rights and all relevant data protection laws, DoNotPay can help you submit a demand for compensation. If Nintendo does not respond to your demand, DoNotPay can also escalate your case to small claims court. Using the Sue Now product from DoNotPay is a quick, easy, and effective way to hold companies responsible for rights violations in their TOS agreements.

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Why Use DoNotPay to Analyze Nintendo Terms of Service

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